The king is dead, long live the...

communal felatio starts here.......

Who are we communally felating?

Me, plain and simple King JUSTIN "bringer of the truth"

The undisputed king of Australasian MMA.

No more false pretenders.



modesty is your friend

Justin i am the King

and their can be only one King on this forum not including Elvis

Oooo Justin. I love it when you're nasty.

The people proclaim the King !!! (I'm OUtta here)

ALL HAIL the King of Rock and Rumble.


Only one King here and hes not self proclaimed!!!

Justin must have run out of XFC news to brag about!

what the fuck is this thread about ?

Aaron is onto something here.
- Juggs

Imping ain't easy

Justin you talk youself up a bit.

Eat a bit of humble pie!!!

Elvis is the King!!

Congratulations on getting a decrepid old beast to fight your tournament. Its going to be a snoozefest...

IMHO (In My Humble Opinion)

Can't wait to see who the Queen is?

Sounds like SammyT is jealous cause his brother gets to go and he doesn't!

Ooooh Stevey... your lucky I'm not coming!!!

Have fun you two!!!

Wayne King ?????

I thought the queen might be Bonello but then again i thought Justin was Bonellos bitch not the other way around!

LOL @ Keats you said it dude!

Its nice of Justin to arrange a finishless old man that should be in wheelchair for him to pound upon!!!