The Most Obvious 'HUGGERS on UG...


UFC: krycek, IronLung

Pride: John Kerry

Dana White: MR MAKO

Tito Ortiz: SSgtDiamond

Ken Shamrock: shamrock1fan

Randy "The Natural" Couture: Ray Jackson, Dougie,
SaintDogg, RuleDogg,

Jason "Mayhem" Miller:

"NYBA" Phil Baroni: RHM

Fedor Emelianenko:

Quinton "Rampage" Jackson: Gracie Killar

Matt Hughes: pulsar

Georges St. Pierre: Dreamer420, RuleDogg

BJ Penn: RHM, JoeBoxer212

"The Maine-iac" Tim Sylvia: jacktripper

Kazushi Sakuraba: JoeBoxer212

Mark "The Hammer" Coleman: SaintDogg

Frank Mir: FearMir

Jeremy Horn: JHR

Forrest Griffin: LColson, Lahi

Yoshihiro "Hot" Takayama: lastcall

Elvis Sinosic: Lahi

Yves Edwards: The Real Joker

Takanori Gomi: JoeBoxer212

Enson Inoue: Lahi

Diego Sanchez: GREENMountainBUD

"Razor" Rob McCullough: I shot the pony

Tait Fletcher: JayRoc

Rory Singer: ATL Cereal

Rashad Evans: KOP The Tame

Joe Son: BilboBagOnYoAss

MFS: BZLJJ, Tbidness, Fathead D

Japanese fighters: EVILYOSHIDA

BJJ: YourFather

10th Planet: 10th Planet

OneManArmy (tm): OneManArmy (tm)

rory singer = ATL Cereal....

i called dibs here

can you define nuthugging?

Nut-hugging is unflinching devotion. Personally I don't feel there's
anything wrong with it unless it causes you hate all opposition or make
excuses for every flaw. One of the easiest ways to identify a nut-
hugger is to observe who he/she consistently hates...

I'm hugging my own nuts right now. Does that count?

John Lober: Wright4life


I'm a well-known Forrest Griffin nuthugger on the UG. LOL.

But I don't hate other fighters just because they may be his opponent. I'm a big fan of Chuck Liddell, Randy Couture, GSP, and Rich Franklin too.

I am a tried and true Yoshihiro "Hot" Takayama nuthugger.

I would say BZLJJ, Tbidness, and Croation are huge MFS nutthuggers

ill take a swing on sylvias scrotum since hes so hated

Hughes is the man, and always will be.

"I would say BZLJJ, Tbidness, and Croation are huge MFS nutthuggers"

Add greennamer Matt Hughes to that list.

Funny how this thread is nearly everyone claiming who they hug, and
no one denying...

On that note, I must admit I'm a huge fan of fighters who carry
themselves like Randy, GSP, et al. Very good for the sport IMHO.

Rogan and Bas are much welcome personalities too. Can't say I really
dislike anyone but sometimes fighters actions piss me off....

Also I must admit to be quite the box-hugger as well...when I grow up
hopefully I'm going to finance Amber's 'sexy laundray store' ;)


UFC: IronLung

Pride: John Kerry

ME: Well matched MMA

Myself: Mayhem and rampage

Elvis Sinosic - Lahi

Forrest Griffin - Lahi

Enson Inoue - Lahi

Razor Rob: I shot the pony

Ken Shamrock= Shamrock1fan

Put me down for BJ Penn, Gomi, and Saku.

Yves Edwards-Real Joker