The next evolution in takedown defense

Monkey Flip IMO


That was a cool sequence.

Isn't that some kind of Judo throw?

I'm sure Eddie Bravo will be on the forum tomorrow claiming that he invented that move.

I'm impressed by how far Diego's ninja instincts have come along


 That counter has been used to mount.

I've used that counter to mount if you grab his head like a guilotine you roll back into mount.

Herring In A Fur Coat -  That last gif is beatiful.  Gotta love the Diego flying knee, just like the Riggs fight!

 I was cageside for that one, that knee was VICIOUS!

Monsters Ball -  
It's actually called "The Butterbean"

How in the world is this one anything like Lu tossing Sanchez over his head...

jman - Isn't that some kind of Judo throw?
yep. Tawara Gaeshi or a Tomoe Nage..  similar to both.


That first gif is Diego escaping the bad position that would have resulted from him being reversed. 

 That knee in the 2nd gif is beautiful.  There's something amazing about perfectly timed flying knees.


ButterBean and Luigi both train with ATT. I think its a ATT move.

You guys know nothing! THat is straight up Maoshan. His teachings from a past life I tell ya.

Wade Schalles used that move most effictively in college he called it the elevator. there are multiple names for it, it's pretty popular in Florida wreslting where Luigi is from.

My wrestling sucks, so I usually try this every time I am taken down. It appears to me the good wrestlers keep their hips low so they are hard to flip over.

^ Yeah. My ground game sucks, too. For me, if I can't sprawl, I just go with the shoot and try this. As someone else said, you can even stay with the guy and roll over into mount. It's awesome when it works.


 i like the opponent landing on his head