The only opinion that matters on Mayhem/Bisping

Is mine, and here it is.

Mayhem clearly won the first round, and it wasn't really even close. The first 3 minutes of the second round were about even, and then obviously Bisping dominated the rest of the fight.

So I guess I'm missing the whole "most lopsided fight in MMA history" stuff. I don't even think Mayhem has anything to be ashamed of in his performance. I don't think it was him at his best, and he did gas, but Bisping is pretty damn good. He was nearly a 3-1 favorite going into the fight.

I mean I could be wrong (not really) but am I the only one who doesn't understand all the hoopla around the fight?

ive never liked u.... till now, 100% agree Phone Post

I'm with Big Sexy, makes no sense Phone Post

That's was a bad performance by mayhem hopefully he will get another crack in the ufc Phone Post

 Sean hasnt been this correct since he admitted i kicked his fucking ass at that bar that night...30-27

CRE - "am I the only one who doesn't understand all the hoopla around the fight?"

Apparently you are as big as you are oblivious, they had a season of The Ultimate Fighter to help promote this fight, hence all the hoopla around the fight.


I meant the hoopla around the result of the fight. And you are apparently only 1/2 as Asian as you are wrong, and that's 100% of the time.

I think Mayhem's chin didn't do him any favors. The image a lot of people were left with was him getting taking so many unanswered shots.

If he'd been knocked out, then it would have just been the grappler getting out maneuvered by the striker. Phone Post

Didn't everyone come to the conclusion that Dana's tweet was referencing the Gaudinot-Bedford fight?

Edit: I guess he said the same thing in interviews afterwards. Eh, it was lopsided, but not the most lopsided in history.

Personally, I thought it was sad that Mayhem gassed so easily, and I think that's what the hoopla is about.<br /> <br />The bout was scheduled for five rounds. Mayhem was gassed by the end of Rd 1, but I don't think he did enough in Rd. 1 to excuse his being gassed. This wasn't like Rd 1 of Lesnar v. Carwin, when one fighter gives everything trying to put away his hurt opponent. <br /><br />Mayhem was able press Bisping against the cage and control him on the ground for 5 minutes or so, but he spent his whole gas tank doing it--fuel he was supposed to ration over 5 rds. <br /><br />I am not a pro fighter, but I still think at the highest levels of MMA, there's very little excuse for that.

I agree with corkle 100%.

I don't even see what all the hoopla is about.

My gosh i am glad most of you are not judges.


I like you on Tuesday Thursday and Sunday, and on the other days I can tolerate you. I too agree 100% .

Not only did Mayhem win the first, he outstruck Bisping the entire round except the last 30 seconds. I think it took a few minutes for Bisping to get the flow of Miller's awkward style (once he did he obviously destroyed him).

The fight looked much worse than it should have because Bisping couldn't put Miller away (due to Mayhem's chin and Bisping seemed a bit tired too) half way through the second round when Miller was basically gone.

Most of the time this ends as a TKO in round 2. Instead, we had 5 more minutes of ugly fighting where one guy is basically done and the other can't end it. Phone Post

It looked a lot like the Penn/Diaz fight.

Op is correct Phone Post

superCalo - the hooplah is many expected Mayhem to not only win but completly domminate Bisping, they ignored the odds and concentrated on the fact they hate Bisping and so are shocked what was supposed to actually happen did happen.

Qft Phone Post

Eggmachine - It looked a lot like the Penn/Diaz fight.

Wanted Mayhem to lose badly for beating up on Saku and figured an active, hungry fighter like Bisping would steamroll him. No shock Mayhem gassed early but I'm more of a fan now. Bisping looked horrible imo but his post fight comments were all class so also more of a fan.

 Agree with OP 100%.  

Damn, Corkle we need you back in the UFC. BTW: Saw you kick ass here in Miami, you were awesome!

Mayhem won the first round. Clearly. The rest of the fight, was a bully beatdown though. I became a fan of Mayhem watching his vlogs at and in the fight. Big heart.