The Worst Tattoos in MMA

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Hands down, it has to be Alan Belchers "Johnny Cash that looks like Fat Elvis" He had to kick that tat artists ass afterwards

Melvin Costa

Nazi tattoos and "I Have A Small Penis" tattoo around his belly button.

I'd love a blue name.

I actually like the grenade tats... guys like War Machine and The Lunatik Browning have some badass ones. Phone Post


Haha my buddy that was only 19 years old... KO'd that dude with all those face tats in just 6 seconds!!!

It was a pretty vicious KO. Dude got carried out on a stretcher and all! Phone Post Phone Post


Hey Shane,

I didn't realize that you weren't happy with the tattoo on your arm.  As a fan, I figured I would offer you a possible alternative to cover it up.  Who knows, you may get a new sponsor too!


GriffinQ -  

Obviously the concept of getting a racist or hateful tattoo is a stupid thing to do. But overall as far as purely bad tattoos go, this guy is and will be for a looooong time (if not ever) will be the champ. Worst tattoos ever.


 Shane, Bowles had a tribal arm band like that and a friend here in Athens did a great cover.  He's a very well-respected artist.



Google dave cryer

Does mr cool ice fight Phone Post

GriffinQ -  

Wtf are these. Awful Phone Post

I like Junie's grenande hand tats