There is no way Jake Paul vs Tyron Woodley is gonna be a real fight

It’s not that I don’t believe that Jake could beat Askren, it’s that everything surrounding that fight, during the fight and after was fishy AF

Did you want him to cry? He just made $500,000 so he has a reason to smile. He put in the least work of his life for his biggest paycheck

Askren got knocked out… it wasn’t fixed


Relieved laughter the KO wasn’t worse/more damaging

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I think a lot more ‘fake’ shit happens in fight sports than people like to admit. Anyone on the inside of muay thai, boxing or MMA will have stories

Fake doesn’t mean punches and kicks aren’t real. It just means the outcome is predetermined

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This 100%

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It’s so funny how people think things that have obvious outcomes need to be faked for some reason.

A guy who can’t box gets KO’d in a boxing match? MUST BE FAKE

Next we’re gonna have Mayweather doing a jiu jitsu match against Ryan Hall, and when Mayweather loses, MUST BE FAKE THERE’S NO WAY A BOXER GOT SUBMITTED IN A GRAPPLING MATCH

People are retarded


OP puts the ‘gay cocksucker’ in ‘big gay cocksucker’

This is what Ive been tryin to tell these idiots since the dawn of time.

It blows their minds that people actually might take a real punch for millions of dollars lol


So if a person doesn’t take a real punch, it’s fake.

Also, if they take a real punch, it’s still fake.

Everything that happens is evidence of everything being fake no matter what. That’s what happens when you draw your conclusion first and then have to find a way to piece everything together to fit that conclusion.

Dumb people fall for this line of thinking all the time.

I won’t mention any fighters or promoters names but I’ve seen it’s first hand

When money is on the line promoters and fighters will do what they need to do

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I’m not saying paul v woodley is fake. I’m just saying it happens.

That said I’ll happily list a string of big bellator match ups that I believe to be worked 100%. Tito v shlemenko being one


Is it technically an exhibition? If so, it’s a work. If it’s not then they would be breaking the law and i doubt they would. Too obvious.

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Exhibition and work have different meanings.

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What’s your prediction big guy? Or do you not care. Just making a point

Askren was out bud. He could not even stand after the ref called the fight.

If you are saying Askren let Paul hit him that’s fine, but Askren was knocked out. Period.

Nothing fake about it.

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ive always thought u had some ties to the industry ? but either way I agree

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Exactly man you’re on the money

Fuck you, you’re the fucking idiot, askren and his wife were laughing seconds after the “KO”. Literally one punch landed in that entire fight. lmao

He literally stood up and showed the ref his gloves. LMAO