Think about it, we will see Khabib in the champions corner in the UFC for the next few decades

This is what you call building a GOAT legacy.

He’ll be at every second event corning some new Eagles champ in the UFC or Bellator (he can’t corner at EFC because he’s the owner).

He’s already got Islam, Usman, Umar ect, and a pack of killers coming.

Khabib is MMA.

I told you not to doubt this back before I picked the round and method Islam would win.


TS should be limited to 1 Khabib thread a day. And that’s being very generous.

That’s not enough Khabib threads considering he is bringing over champions to the UFC and Bellator at a near weekly basis.

This is an MMA forum.

Khabib literally is MMA. He will be the most discussed GOAT that ever lived by a landslide

It is crazy to think he may go down as a better coach than fighter. Like John Smith in Wrestling. I watched him shaking hands with the Wyoming kids this week and thought to myself,’ some of those kids don’t know they are shaking hands with arguably one of the best wrestlers of all time’.

OP you would be more effective if you slowed your roll. People will tend to ignore what looks like nutriding here when your points are valid.


It’s not possible to be better than 29-0 never scratched but his legacy as a coach will be much longer than as a fighter with MANY champions, though not quite as dominant as his fighting career but more decorated.

Sorry I updated my post after you started yours

Yeah, it’s okay to believe me now or later it’s not important. Team Khabib is just going to keep taking over either way.

Khabib is probably the most brilliant MMA mind in history.

One of the highest fight IQs ever, managed his career perfectly, his fight predictions are almost as good as mine, and now he’s proving to be the most dominant coach ever.

He may have been TBE and had GOAT potential as a fighter but never came close to proving it. He’s well on his way to being the GOAT coach if he doesn’t retire from coaching prematurely as well.

His legacy outside the cage will help his legacy in the cage just like it did for Ali.

It means something when his students who he is by all accounts better than go on to win titles. They’re all his titles as coach as well.

It means something that Eagles MMA is becoming the modern era Gracie MMA.

I actually agree with this. While currently he isn’t even close to GOAT bc 3 title defenses is a joke I do think that if he continues to revolutionize MMA as a coach it would definitely add to his legacy as an overall martial artist.


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Muhammad Ali is considered the GOAT for the things he did outside of the ring as well as inside.

In Khabib’s case his success outside the ring is even more relevant because it’s actually translating into new champions.

He’s the most dominant fighter ever and now the best coach as well.

It shows how powerful and revoltionary his goat MMA game truly is.

You got some buggy eyes there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Ali also has more wins over hall of famers and lineal champs than any heavyweight. Even without his out of ring accomplishments you could still argue he’s the GOAT heavyweight.

Khabib has only beaten 2 champs and 2 interim champs. He was dominant and impressive but nowhere near the resume of Ali or any other all time great

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He is the only 29-0 in MMA history. All time title defence holder in the best division.

Difficult to compare. Different sports.

Both GOATs.

Who sucks Khabib’s nuts more? Cormier or Jack?

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Amosov is only 3 fights away