"Oliveira calling so heavily for a first round KO shows he's delusional and will break by round 2"

I see this happen to delusional fighters all the time, they think they’ll blow the guy out in the first round, and when they don’t they break and get finished. Especially how much he’s underestimating Islam’s striking, striking defence and takedowns. Charles is in for a rude awakening.

He says he has visions about it :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

2nd round Charles is officially in big trouble.

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Its happened before


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Tbh I kinda feel like Charles gettin a bit to big for his britches . I feel ya OP


If Oliveira lands, it’s over. Completely different levels of striking.


I tend to think this was an early stoppage but it’s a perfect example of what can happen to Islam now that he’s fighting the top dogs of the division. Chandler would be a nightmare for him.


He has to be on his feet to land. That won’t be as easy as he thinks.

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When has he ever showed devastating one punch knockout power? People acting like he’s the Francis Ngonnue of 155lbs


1 time over half a decade ago in 23 fights :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Charles has been knocked out more, and subbed many times as well.

Charles is praying for a hail mary, Islam is preparing for a war.

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He’s not necessarily a one punch KO fighter but he rocks the shit out of people and then is all over them until he gets the finish, which produces the same result.


We’re also talking about the best submission artist in UFC history and Islam has to deal with that - not Dan Hooker or Bobby Green - to impose his game. Oliveira needs seconds to end it. Islam needs several grueling rounds if not the distance.

What is it that keeps guys from using elbows from the guard more often like KenFlo did? Seems to me like if you had a flexible guard it would be something to strategize for. Oliveira with his long limbs & good guard should be able wreak havoc from guard.


Chaz has that reach. And While Islam isnt exactly T-rex, its highly possible that CHaz can catch him on the way in. Unless Islam shoots from half way across the cage

Having the most subs does not make you the best submission artist. It just means fought and subbed a bunch of not so great grapplers. He’s gotten subbed himself numerous times by mediocre grapplers like Jim Miller, Paul Felder and Pettis.

He’s not in Islam’s league.

I don’t have a stake in this match. I like both guys for different reasons and I don’t care who wins. Islam may well smother him and Charles may well sleep him. Should be a good fight. Stylistically it’s an interesting match up.


lmao you guys are dramatically overrating Oliveria’s striking. Dude has like 3 knockouts. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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I was going to explain similarly but realized that some questions are just too stupid to answer. Especially the ones from people who know better.


Hey Jack, what’s your next sn gonna be if Islam somehow loses?



I want to know as well.

Also if you know Chael Sonnen have him say “Tippy Top” in one of his next videos.

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