This guy smack talked R. Franklin

When Rich was on Bubba the Love Sponge last week, they kept talking about this staff member from BTLS being a real bad ass, 42 time world champ (his tattoo says so) and he was this major Muay Thai, BJJ and Japanese JJ guy. He was pretty aggressive with Rich and said he "might be elevated to throw fists" and such. Rich remained cool about it, but threw some nice verbal jabs out there at him.

The guy said he can get out of the rear naked choke, after Rich quizzed him on it, the guy says "well the rear naked is really hard to apply so you don't see to many guys use it or win with it", to which Rich said hell one of my friends (Matt Hughes) recently won 2 fights using it, that got the guy really defensive. Bubba called him in for the Rich interview because the guy talks major shit about fighting and how he is a 42 time world champion. It was a great interview, if they download it on the site I will host it for the forum. Here is Jimmy Jamz picture:

That tool bag isn't the 42 time champion of anything. Hope you can get
this interview on here.

I'll bet Joe Rogan could tap him.

It was pretty intense in the studio, this wasn't one of those "set up" confrontations. This guy works on the BTLS show and Bubba was sick of him and his "secret" martial arts talk and all his "champion" talk so they called him in when Rich was there. Rich started out cordial not wanting to offend the guy, but the guy was balls out towards Rich so the tension grew from there.

guys like that exist everywhere

oh...and they can't fight

Anyone know where to get this interview? People who were listening to it live were saying that it was good.

it was great, they replayed it a few times on BTLS, I will email them and ask for a download of it.

Here is a recap of the interview:

Rich Franklin knocks out Bubba's questions. 5:00 P.M.
Rich Franklin, former Algebra teacher, U.F.C. champion and star of the reality series was in studio. Rich was asked to do a rear naked choke-hold on Coco today who is sure he can get out of it. Rich revealed that the only time he had ever been beaten was in 2003 by a half Japanese half Brazilian contender who t.k.o.'d him. Rich lives in Cincinnati and first started learning how to fight in the Marine Corp. Bubba said that he looked like Jim Carrey on steroids and Rich said that was actually where he got his nickname Ace. Rich said that Ultimate Fighter season three starts this Thursday at 10 P.M. Franklin was taken aback by the torture rack and shock collar set ups. Bubba brought up that his last fight was with Randy Couture and Rich had of course won. When asked how much you made for one of these fights Rich said that it varied, one of his first fights he only made 200 dollars and was happy to get it at the time. Franklin said that he didn't go into a fight with a game plan because if it falls apart you're screwed. Franklin said that he is leaving tomorrow to be with friend Tim Sylvia for his upcoming bout with the Crushin' Russian April 15th in Anaheim. Rich revealed that it is hard to make a living in this line of work because sponsorship is so hard to get due to how hardcore and brutal the fighting is. A caller asked who he thought would win between Matt Hughes and Royce Gracie, his pick was Matt. The same caller asked who he thought would be the winner between Forrest Griffin and Tito Ortiz, Rich said that Forrest likes to throw punches and Tito doesn't like to get hit but both are great fighters and he thinks it'll go to a decision.

Jimmy Jam loses face to a master. 6:00 P.M.
Jimmy Jam, a friend of Bubba's and a supposed martial arts teacher, came in to brag about his fighting capabilities while Rich Franklin was in the studio. When Bubba asked if he'd really won any fights because they'd looked up his name on the internet and found nothing, he said that he had a criminal record and couldn't be publicized for this and other ridiculous reasons. Bubba turned over the questions to Rich since he's the pro. When Franklin questioned him his professional fighting capabilities and experiences fell apart like a paper tiger. Jimmy got flustered thinking that Rich wasn't respecting him and said that he could be elevated to throwing blows. The idiot then said that Ken Shamrock was a cokehead and he'd partied with him. Rich said that if he did indeed ever have a legitimate professional fight it would be on the internet somewhere. Bubba asked him to do an exposition in studio with Rich and he gave the bullshit answer that he had seven herniated discs right now and is in the middle of a mid-life crisis so it would be difficult right now. Bubba said that he believes his own hype more than anyone he's ever seen. Jimmy then said that he'd been in hundreds of street fights and Rich said have him demo a Brazilian arm-bar. He embarrassed himself further by actually trying it and the boys couldn't help but joke about the fool after he left. Franklin requested a copy of the videotape, Bubba sent Coco out to the Green Room to get the low-down from Jimmy. Jimmy said, "He asked me to demo an arm-bar and I did it," then Rich said, "he didn't do an arm-bar, he did a choke." Bubba was completely embarrassed for Jimmy. Rich finally said that if he did indeed get a brown belt in jiu-jitsu that it would be listed on a website by the coach. The guy's joked feverishly about Jimmy's tattoo which he said was a specialized tattoo given to him by a special guru of the fighting arts.

Craig the Bulldog came in after the break to ask Rich Franklin a few questions. He asked Rich if there would ever be another fight between Chuck Liddell and Rampage, Rich said that Rampage wasn't with the Pride Camp anymore so he wasn't sure. Bubba invited Rich to come train with him after the show, Franklin said that because of his injured hand he may not be able to do much but he'd go just to hang-out. A caller asked what Rich thought of Frank Shamrock (Ken's brother) and he said that he'd heard the U.F.C. was rumored to be looking at him right now. Another caller asked Rich what he thought of fighting Dan Anderson (Pride Camp) and he said that it would probably be the hardest fight of his life but didn't know if it would ever happen because of fight politics. Rich said to do him a favor and when Jimmy walks into the studio from now on play 'Jukebox Hero'. For more info on Rich go to

wow, missed all that. It would have been interesting to have gotten to listen to all that. Nice recap, Damian.

Excuse my ignorance but whats a Brazilian armbar?


what day was it? i can get it of a newsgroup and put it up here.

They need to invite Tank on the show. That is one guy that doesnt need much reason to be "elevated to throwing blows".

A few errors in that recap. lol

lol at the tool saying he had criminal record so he won't be listed anywhere. Can anyone seeing Lee Murray being removed from the Sherdog database?

UFC Champ Rich Franklin will be in the studio


and the tool "Jimmy Jamz" getting all upset he's being fucked with:

Click Here to watch the video (Requires Quicktime)

wow what a dipshit. he wanted to fight rich in the parking lot. wish rich woulda done it

yeah, djADAM we all know that there are no crazy tards out there that go around telling people they are champs and badasses, you're right it must be a "bit".

90% of radio is fake, or 90% of Bubba? Such as rumor has it that Ned is a voice that someone does on the show, not an actual person?