This is how things are done in EU

This is how we do Ju-Jutsu in Europe:

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Have you seen this already?



Did you not like that Gi mma footage?

Or what is the problem this time my friend Kai?

wow..sloooooow transfer rate..Thanks though, Ill watch it in a half hour..

Please watch it. It is actually quite good and interesting.

You will like their throws...

You can find the link to the rules from that thread I just posted on Judo forum.

*blinks* Interesting, but those gloves look retarded.

Here is a cool gi throw :)

They are open gloves (palm is open, and fingers are free)that allow people to still grap do grip fighting, all kinds of Judo throws, BJJ moves etc. and still offer boxing glove like protection when punching (no cuts or broken bones).

Besides this is an amateur competition.. so UFC gloves.

So did you like their throws Kai?

Nice kata-guruma, but please open the link I posted and you will see even more cooler throws!




That is what GI MMA looks like!

It is very nice video.

Everybody should see it.


White Belts In Action!


Interesting. They look fairly new to the concept, much more of sport-fight look to their techniques than you see in other mma/nhb. Kicks look very karateish, not that it's a bad thing, just different. It even shows some good use of the spinning back-kick, which is cool :) Their boxing could be much better though, but I guess the gi can affect that, since you have to be more carefull with your opponent getting a grip on you. More use of judo like throws, but that is only natural considering the gi, it's exciting to see something else than wrestling takedowns. Cool vid overall, it'll be exciting too see if gi-mma will grow bigger or not.

Ya know, some people here are really childlish or have a hardon for LT.

He placed a post about how a BB had lied about his past, and proved it with video.

Taht BB's students came on and challenged him to a fight, but never denied the lie.

Now a couple of people here are making a point of calling LT a pussy, etc.

Typical bs we find here, sometimes you people look like 12 yrs old.

LT had no business challenging a BB, that's disrespectful, and you shouldn't do it even in training.

But a BB calling out a purple belt for a nhb match is also silly.

Both guys are doing things that are unbecoming of a Martial Artist that understand that this is not just about fighting, but about a lot of other things.

And the few of you that keep making stupid comments about it just feed this behavior.