Thompson/Goat fans - free fight!

Nick Thompson v Davion Peterson

It is out there now....

I am a huge fan of goats!! I can't wait to see them all out there grazing and eating the garbage thrown out by passerbys!!


Simply put, he is INCREDIBLY PASTY.....

Miguel, ou know I don;t have fans. If you want to sell this show, you should start a thread like this:

"U hate Nick Thompson, see him get punched for free"


"Watch Nick Thompson for free, then make fun of him"


"Nick Thompson gets hit in groin"


"Nick Thompson may be gay"


"Nick Thompson is definitely gay"


"Hey, that Nick Thompson is really gay"


I miss your face.

Bonus footage of Nick running down the road naked in this episode. It is perhaps the most beautiful thing you will ever see. Provided you find pasty white guys running down the road naked lovely.

Is DVN banned?

Goodness, nobody knows how to control their knees. Cheaters.

Logan, my naive friend, who says the groin shots were unintentional?

P.S. - I am listening to Gwar right now. Just thought you guys might like to know that

P.S.S. - Jake, I am still not going to sleep with you.

P.S.S.S. - Ok, maybe I will.

Ron Howard in the house!

I should have known. Eagan fights dirty.

"Quickly, like lightning" Hehe.

Nick, how far of a drive is it to Primetime Bar and Grill from sunny ol' kenosha?



you still having a show this weekend? In Eau Claire?

John I don't think its in Eau Claire...

Nick I like the reach for the heel hook/face punch thing...very cool

Migueli whats up with my fight....I thought we were tight.....peas and carrots...Notice I put the i back on the name, that means I'm sad

Where is your fight going to be Ron?

I don't know if its going to be..

Okay, so I will get my passport and everything now just in case. Oh yeah, and make sure to watch the nick thompson and davion peterson fight at