thoughts on juicer (fruits &veg)

how useful do you think using a juicer is. With all the recent talk about couture and his alkaline diet, would it be practical to juice a bunch of veg. Would you get comparable nutritional value drinking them as opposed to eating them? thanks.

You should definitly juice.

ttt, I was wondering the same myself. do you guys have any thoughts on the Jack Lalane juicer?

Check out
for some good info on juicing.

I think I am going to buy the juicer he recommends.

I just got Jack's Juicer for Xmas!! that thing is the bomb of all juicers and comes with a ton of recipies.

I juice all the time and HIGHLY recommend it.

Store bought juice is pastcuerized (sp) and loaded with added sugars.

The juice from fresh fruits and veggies are more pure and of course fresh!

Some will disagree but that is ok too.

I like juicing and would recommend Jack's juicer if you want to get into juicing....

I don't know much about juicing, but i DO know that you want to get the "whole package," ie the fuit/veggie along with it's juices. Juice from a plant is not as healthy as the plant itself.


Only juice with Organic fruits and vegetables

"I know where you are going with this (at least I think I do) and it is untrue . The story that the soil is depleted with nutrients thus making the fruit or vegetable lacking in nutrients is only pushed by those looking to sell a product that would fit that market. "

Obviously u have no idea what you are talking about.Let me introduce u to NPK Fertilizer...Nothing natural about that


is juicing fruit cheaper than going to the store and
buying the equilavent amount of jucie already
juiced? i'm on a budget and I dont want to spend
more money buying the fruit and getting a lower
amount of juice than buying a gallon of minute
maid for more juice and less cash.

It's probably not cheaper, because you do have to go through a lot of fruit (or veggies) to get a decent amount of juice out of a juicer.

The upside is that the fresh stuff tastes a whole lot better than the Minute Maid type.

I got the Jack Lalane Juicer for XMAS and I love it. Previously, I had the Juiceman Juicer. It was a really good juicer, but what sets the Jack Lalane one apart from the other is that it has a larger shoot so that you can put whole vegetables and fruit in it (like whole apples) instead of having to spend tons of time on preparation by cutting up the fruit into small pieces. Also, the Lalane Juicer has a much quieter motor and I think it is supposed to last longer. I think if you get a juicer, you should get the Jack Lalane one.


From what I've read, juicing takes out some of the fibre you'd normally be eating from the fruit. It can also lead to overconsumption.

It's better than chips, but isn't eating whole fruits and vegetables better? Are they that hard to eat?

Just eat fruit & vegetables. Don't throw away the natural fiber present in these foods by juicing. Fiber regulates insulin response to sugars and keeps the digestive tract healthy.

I am lazy and juicing takes up too much energy for me