Three months reasonable??

Whats up guys I plan on signing up to the gym again and start workin out. I havent been to a gym in a whille and never really took working out too seriously. But now I want to to compliment my grappling. Im gettin a three month membership mainly bacause I know I have a tendency to stop workin out and then get stuck payin for the rest of my contract. MY question is, could you get a significant change in 3 months. Im not lookin to be huge just to get stronger and cut a little fat. right now im 6'2 and 210 lbs fairly decent shape just got a lil gut. Also iof you have any ideas for a workout routine thats good for a grappler. Dont want too much size just strength and to lose some fat. Thanks in advance.

How much is the gym membership? I just ask because, for some of the prices I've seen on urban gym memberships, it's cheaper to buy your own equipment (especially if what you mostly want to work with is barbells and/or dumbells), which you'll get to keep at the end of the three-month period.

As far as gaining strength, keep it simple. Just stick to the basic compound lifts at first: Squats, military press, deadlifts, bench press, pull-ups, bent-over rows, dips, and that will pretty much do you until you get more advanced and/or need more specificity. Either try 1-2 exercises per session and work out every other day, or try 4-5 exercises per session and work out 3 times per week. You might also throw in some crunches/sit-ups and some grip work (though deadlifts, pull-ups, and bent-over rows should give you more grip strength by themselves). Use a 3x8 or 5x5 set/rep scheme, or whatever you are comfortable with-- just change it up every few weeks. Lift quickly if you want more explosive power-- but be safe, always keep it under control. Fully stretch before and after, and do a little stretching between each set. Eat good food.

For you gut, you'll have to buckle down and do some running, biking, swimming, etc, though adding a little muscle will help, too.

Sure, you can make a difference in 3 months... but when you quit lifting, your gains will eventually go away.

If you're serious about lifting /working out to supplement your grappling, you will probably want to commit to it for the long term.

As for recommending a workout... that's easier said than done. For now I'd say browse the threads here and look at what some other people are doing. I'm sure some others will chime in with ideas shortly as well...

U from AK has pretty much said what I would have.

The gut will only go away if you clean up your diet and or add in cardio of any sort of lift weights and build more muscle mass.  The more you do the better for your gut.

Be in it for the long haul and you can be where you want to be.

In 3 months you can see results but 12months is a SOLID time frame for pretty dam good results if not GREAT ones imo.




Aight thanks a lot guys for your input. As far as buying my own equipment I find Im a lot less motivated to work out by myself at home. If Im at the gym i could get into working out a lot more. That sounds like a pretty good plan a from uk. I know i have to clean up my diet a little bit. How much cardio does grappling offer. Can it even compare to running or biking. I know im sweatin like crazy and my heart rates up and all but isnt it a different kind of workout?

You could make a big change in 3 months, I'd go for it.

Make sure you read up on the proper recovery protocol, because if you're doing 5x5 (a great strength scheme, IMHO), you'll find yourself gassing out in class pretty early without the proper recovery.

Thanks guys yeah just got back from my first day. Feel pretty good didnt go too heavy, last time I did that i couldnt extend my arms fully for a week. Found out a freind of mine is a trainer there so I had someone to answer my questions. Im feelin pretty good though I think Ill put these 3 months to good use.Thanks for the info.

Good luck man. Do you compete in any grappling events?

Thanks Joey. Yea Ive competed in a few NAGA's so far butI know there is a few different competitions coming up soon. Mainly here on the east coast.

Awesome, what weight do you compete at? Are you looking to move down a class, or just get in better shape for the one you're in?