Till Promises to ‘Destroy’ Platinum

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Till is a old slow dope


Darren Till has responded to “Platinum” Mike Perry’s callout with his own declaration of war.

Till was largely silent in the lead-up to Perry’s last KnuckleMania fight against Thiago Alves. Possibly because he turned down a reported $2 million payday to fight Perry bare-knuckle, something he’s said he has no interest in doing.

Till wants the fight to go down with boxing gloves, and Perry sounds willing to do that.

“Darren Till, you fat f—ing b—h, get your ass over here or I’ll come to the U.K,” Perry declared in the ring after his first round KO victory (watch it here).

“I have a reason why I called out Darren Till,” Perry wrote on Instagram a day later. “He sits over there talking unforgivable shit. It’s a fight that has needed to happen, all these people talk trash and don’t last long in the ring with me period.”

“F—in bum,” Till replied on Instagram. “I am going to destroy this man when we finally meet. He’s been fighting old slow s—y dopes.”

Perry is contractually allowed to fight outside of BKFC. The trick now is finding a promoter to hold Perry vs. Till, since Till isn’t willing to fight without gloves. Can Till at least pull that together, since he’s the one insisting on a different ruleset? Or will this fight continue to be Perry’s white whale, a bout that never comes together?

It’s been years, man. We’re starting to think Till doesn’t really want it.


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Till hasnt fought in 4e …BKFC is for retired fighters who cant make UFC anymore


Yeah, he wants no part of it. All talk.


Platinum will KO Till. Till is a fuckin dork.


Will be a repeat of the Rockhold fight. Perry will make Till quit if they every get in the ring together.

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Yeah I saw that a few days ago.

I think it was because he’s already booked against KSI.

Hopefully Darren will sign the contract after the ksi fight

Hopefully it’ll still be worth watching after the ksi fight.

I hate Till so much i hope KSI murderlizes him


Credit to Till for making it as far as he has with complete dog shit defense/guard.

It’s actually impressive.

That said Mike walks thru everything and beats the piss out of him.


Till will get fuckin worked.


Fuck that, Till can be an annoying twat but KSI is that but worse and I can’t imagine how much worse it would get if he beat Till.

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Well, as long as he promises.