Tim Sylvia-Professional Fighter

Tim has all the tools needed to be Champion obviously, as he has done before. If my memory serves me correctly, and it usually does, he was a huge underdog in the Ricco fight. When he won that fight alot of people came out of the woodwork stating that Tim was awesome and Ricco did'nt have a chance. This IS an MMA forum afterall and a differnce in opinion is welcomed and bastardized here. All of the negativity surrounding Tim is really starting to make me upset.
Tim sacafices alot for our entertainment and trains quite hard for where he is. When he's winning you say it wasnt spectacular enough and if he losing you say he was a has been or never was. We as fans of the sport are far from being perfect in our juding of others for their talents but what I ask is give him at the very least some "fighters respect". Love him or hate him he isn't going anywhere and holds some exciting fights to his credit, and is a great personality.

That is all.


Not to mention, Tim DID easily defeat the fighter that defeated Arlovski!

I have a tremendous respect for the doo doo man as a fighter.



You damn skippy.

Gotta love em!!

hi Tim


"Not to mention, Tim DID easily defeat the fighter that defeated Arlovski! "

LOL, not as easily as Arlovski already beat Tim.

Tim is a genuine bad-ass.

Question is, is Arlovski a tougher and better figher than Tim.

I'm leaning with AA on this one simply on technical skill and speed (conditioning) alone.

Both are not going to gas, but AA is going to be faster and stronger.

Sylvia gives the saying "Leave it all in the ring" a whole new meaning.

Lost 2 title shots? One of those I believe was a defense against Mir! Other was for the interim against Arlovski! Look at his record, it's far from padded and with so few losses you cannot disregard the fact that the man wins his fights. Where I come from a "W" is a "W". The whole winstrol incident is long over and he paid his dues for that mistake in judgement. Like I said before he will be heralded when he wins tonight against Arlovski, taking nothing against the champion, as I would be rooting for him if he wasn't fighting against my team, which he seems to be doing alot of by the way! Tim will be bringin' the belt back home to MFS baby!

Tim is MUCH better than most give him credit for. He is such a big awkward looking guy that in some ways it doesn't seem right that he is good, most people like to see the muscles, etc. Muscles give the illusion of being good ...

But the fact is Tim is a very tough fighter. He crushed Tra Telligman, who I think is also better than most give credit. Tra went toe to toe with Rizzo (when Rizzo was at his peak), and Igor. Yet Tim walked right thru Tra.

Tim in my opinion, is top 10 easily. He would most likely lose to Arlovski, Hunt, Cro Cop, and Fedor, but most other top heavyweights I think would have trouble with him due to his reach & power.

Other than Arlovski, no one else in the UFC can touch him ... PRIDE on the other hand is where the real heavyweights are at. But even there, I think Tim would do ok.

He is not someone I would want pissed off at me ... like Coleman, he comes across as a bit edgy to me ... not someone I want to go drinking with. Then again, I don't know him at all.

I'm rooting for Tim. I hope he puts on a good performance.


Well,Well, Well lookey here boys! MFS back with two belts. I hate to say it but I told you so. Arlovski is'nt unbeatable. He is very talented and trains hard and was deserving to be there, just look at the quick finishes on his other fights. It's even better that Tim won with a broken arm going into that fight, what an irony that is.


Ummmm....not Tim buddy. Thanks for the compliment though. Just callin' it like I see it.