Timing intervals with what?

Yo people!

What do you use to time your intervals? Someone mentioned the Timex Ironman watch, is it good or are there better things? I don't care about time of day or any "normal" clock features, I just need something to time intervals with that does not interfere with practice (like holding a stop-watch in the hand).


I just use a cheap Umbro sports watch that has an interval timer. You set the required countdown, hit the button and off it goes. It beeps every 30 secs then for the last 10 it beeps each second. It cost me £20 ($30)

Ideally I would like one that I could set two intervals to alternate so that I could leave it running 3/1/3/1 for my bag work, could also do with a louder beep!

Do a search for the Seiko S052 stopwatch. It is an interval timer as well. I use mine for Tabata intervals (20 seconds work 10 seconds rest). I got mine for a holiday present. They ordered it off a website. Pricing Runs from $62-$70 (some include shipping, some don't). It is a Seiko and comes with a full year warranty and a fairly thick user manual. It is recommended by Crossfit