Tips on building a home gym?

I just joined a gym and have decided it woulod be better to have my
own. Thank god I only pay month to month with no contract. Main
thing I need is a good treadmill. sells an ironman triad
treadmill for $999 including delivery. Is this a good brand? Also, as
far as weights what should I look for, any tips would be apppreciated!

Don't eat yellow snow.

seriously, you are on the right track as far as training at home, but I will save you about $970---- Get a jump rope instead of a treadmill.

...oh, and get a tan outside instead of buying a tanning bed too.

Does that dunbell machine by bowflex work? Where you can go from like 10 to 55, set the setting,and just lift it, does it work, any feed back on it?

Get that jump rope!

Get a set of olympic weights. It's after New Years, I'm sure you'll
get a good price. Check out garage sales or classifieds if you want
to get it even cheaper.

You'll need a bench and a squat rack or a power rack.
That and a jump rope and you'll be all set.

If you can't afford a power rack, you can use saw horses.
Sandbags are easy to make and cheap as hell also. Then there is scrappers workouts which are free and his videos are not very expensive.

jumpstretch bands

I also say skip the treadmill.

I own one and I gave it away to my uncle.

I felt like a fucking hamster on that thing.

I get alot more out of doing intervals on a jump rope or full body exercises and if I want to run I either go to the track or I just run through my neighborhood.

One more vote against the treadmill. Those things are boring as hell to use.

Personally I'd start with some free weights, but you could actually get a long way without any equipment at all.


Thanks for the advice! I'm wanting a treadmill cause using a rope I
would prob kill myself, hehe. Im not in the best of shape and weigh
over 300 pounds. I have a 300 pound olympic weight set and bench
now. Ive seen some good deals on 300 pound complete dumbbell sets
and racks also. I want to do Bjj, we have a Brazilan top team here in
my town, but am afraid I'm not in good enough shape. Should I just go
for it, or try and lose some weight first? Im sure if I go enough to train
I will lose weight also. I just want to be able to make it thru a class.
hehe. What do u guys think?

Fedor says treadmills don't hit back.

i would say go for the bjj... my guess is you are not the first person to show up that is not in shape... the quicker you hit the mats the better. imo

i say you should go for the bjj. It will give some extra exercice and it will motivate you even more.

The only danger is that your gi becomes too big for you when you drop weight.

Get started in BJJ as soon as possible.

The whole "I'll start when I'm in better shape" is a bad idea and you'll never start.

Best to start and see your progress when you roll.

Nothing but respect for the guy who comes in out of shape, works until
he can't work no more.....and in 6 months has dropped a bunch of
weight and rolls like anyone else. I've seen a few guys in my class drop
a ton of weight. Could barely complete warm ups to being really in

im going for it, might as well be learning while im dropping pounds.

I had a guy that started with me that lost 40 pounds or so in like two months. He was over 300 when he started. So best of luck and pace yourself my friend. Dont be afraid to take a time out if you need to.

My home gym owns all.

Get a Power Tower, I've seen them as low as $80. It's a Pullup/chin, dips, and pushup station that also provides good core workouts.

A good adjustable bench (I personally prefer ones without the extra crap like leg extensions, flyes, etc.
Olympic bar and weights, maybe some rubberized olympic plates. Don't forget Dumbells.I like solid ones but at home it's just more economic to have adjustable ones. But not the 1" kind that have screw on collars. That bowflex one looks pretty good, if not get olympic sized. An Olympic crooked bar might be good but if I had one bar besides standard Olympic strait bar, it wouuld be a Hex trap bar (the kind that you stand in the middle of).

Kettlebells, clubbells, medicine balls swiss ball.
Get a 2x4 for calf raises. make your own or get a wrist roller.

in the space you workout, create an atmospere that is free of distraction and inspires hard work. I use pictures to get motivated, also music. Get some posters or charts to put up. Stretching techniques, ab exercises, whatever.

For me it was always harder to stay focused at home. On the other hand, I couldn't be seduced into using machines, cables, leg presses instead of hardcore freeweight training. Also it is more comfortable, working with what you can handle properly instead of trying to look good with too heavy a weight.