Tito and Shamrock altercation?

Heard something about Tito and Shamrock having to be pulled apart at the post-fight press conference. Any details?

Oh god I hope you're kidding. If not, let the hype begin. :(

oh boy here we go again.

There is no need for this fight to happen again.

$$$$$ Ken vs Tito sold a lot of PPVs $$$$$

"also told him to come back down to 205 and ken said he will"

i am not a huge fan either way but why not tito move up. for this one? if ken were to win then it sets up one more and ufc gets their $$$$$$$

if you are that good you could fight at your weight without having to cut so much.........ask BJ Penn 

Ken at LHW is just a bad idea.

Besides, I think Randy and Chuck and Vitor should be on Tito's mind.

If Tito moves up to the HW division to fight Ken, then it is much more competitive, given that it is 3 rounds, and Ken has his strength back. In addition to that, Ken has seen Tito dominated by Randy, and KO'd by Chuck, so any trepidation based on their last fight is probably greatly diminished (for Ken.) Ken's ego is still his biggest weakness, but so is Tito's.

At LHW, Tito is simply the younger, busier fighter, and would outpoint Ken again for a UD. At HW, well, it is a much closer fight, but Tito is not going to fight at HW any time soon.

Honestly, Tito should focus on getting his belt back, although I can see the appeal of him wanting to fight Ken again, since his last fight with Ken was his most Dominant performance.

Tito challenging someone he already beat....what a surprise.

Why not challenge Chuck.......oh yea, he beat the shit out of you, i forgot.

WHy not challenge Elvis......this routine is getting old.

WWE taking over or should I say UFE Ultimate Fighting Entertainment

It was Ken's night! Why the hell does Tito always try to steal the spotlight? Damn, at least let Ken enjoy his moment.

What a joke.

tito, let Ken have a little glory, Jerky

A Tito-Shammy rematch has no revelance to any division, its only a solid fight for Zuffa to make money.

Tito needs to be concentrated on the belts he lost, and the apparent fact that the division has grown beyond him. I dont see how a Shammy match helps him get any closer to being able to contend with Coture/Lidell.

Chuck was right when he said Tito doesnt want to be a fighter, he just wanst the money and spotlight that comes with it. So from that angle Tito fighting Shammy makes sense. It will sell a shitload of PPV's, but it will have no real value as far as progressing his comeback. If anything it only serves to hinder him if he gets beaten, or pushed a little harder this go round.

Ken needs to stay at his div. Make Tito come up. Last time Ken suffered at 205.


Good fight for THEM.Shammy is in the twighlight of his career and could prolly use the cash.Tito is on a losing streak and could use the cash and win from beating on Shammy.

I'd rather see Ken stay @ heavy and fight Mir...

Maybe they will make a new belt that holds less weight... the intercontinental champion! UFE's Intercontinental Champion... TITO ORTIZ!!!

It's the ufc struggling to make money so they're bringing back the fight that brought them the most success lately. Serious lack of advertising for this UFC. I even had to remind my brother who is a serious UFCer OGer and UGer when the fight was because he had no idea. Things aren't looking great for MMA's future in America. Need to have more events or have the pay per views replayed on HBO or Showtime like most boxing fights are. If the UFC hit HBO, I think MMA would skyrocket. My 2 cents.

What would Tito have to gain by not fighting Ken again?

Lack of a loss, I guess.