Tito: I would beat Jonny in my prime


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Woulda coulda shoulda Phone Post

i bet he wouldnt have gotten jon onto his back in his prime


Tito was fucking awesome in his prime, before his back injury crippled his wrestling skill and explosive power. I pick JBJ to win this fantasy matchup due to his reach and wrestling ability but anybody laughing it off like he'd just walk through Tito like it was nothing is way off base. Phone Post

what was his prime: Tanner, Elvis, Vladdy, Shamrock 1?

Nothing even close to Jones.

too much herp

I love Tito but right now Jones is better everywhere than Tito was in his prime

Randy shut Titos game down and dam near crippled him... This was when Tito was near the top and just before his back problems.

inf0 - too much herp

...but not enough derp! Phone Post

Somehow I doubt it... Phone Post

we all have our fantasies....

Ya I dont thinks so tito......

True tito was the man for a long time but its easy to be the man when ur compitition is a bit sub-par(not all just most)

When the comp started getting better tito proved he is a really tough top 15 guy......

Tito was just in the right place at right time Phone Post

 well johnny was 15 in titos prime. but no version of tito would beat jbj today.

Ah let him have his delusions its pretty much all he has left as far as a fighting is concerned...

Not only did Tito duck Chuck, I think it can be argued he ducked Ken until Ken was well past prime. I'll just assume he'd be ducking JBJ as well.

jones via knees and elbows in the first

 lol, I hate on bones as much as anyone, but he would literally kill any age ortiz 

 And I could date any supermodel I want.......

We all can fantisize right?

Im sorry but no, I dont think Tito could handle Jones even in his prime