Tito: I would have beat Jon Jones in my prime



Well Jon was like 13-15 during his prime, so yea probably.


That is probably the worse thing Tito has ever said and he says some crazy shit.

Beat me to it!!

Hard to compare. MMA was so different during Tito’s run. But he is pretty 1 dimensional.

lol. So predictable, and delusional. It’s not even like Tito was undefeated in his Prime, so he could point to that.

I get the fighters mindset is trained to always think they can beat anyone, but humility is also a virtue.

At least when Chuck says it, he just means he would’ve landed a random shot and ended it. Tito never had any path to victory over Jones.

Yep that’s right Tito, and in ‘82 you could throw a pigskin a quarter mile too

Wouldn’t be so quick to dismiss Tito. He was huge in his prime and very, very strong.
He would not have to worry about striking too much from Jones and I feel like it would come down to clinching and lots of power moves, which in my opinion, Tito would win.


Sounds like you’re describing Rampage, who even had striking power to threaten with, and we saw how that turned out.

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Jon controlled DC. I can’t imagine DC not being able to handle Tito.

Also, in his actual prime, Tito lost to Frank Shamrock, Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell (x2), and Mezger. Five losses.

Then he went on a run of winning 1 out of 9 fights (presumably out of prime).

Jon is something different to a fighter like that.


This all looks even worse when you see the size advantage he had over almost everyone he did beat, since they usually weren’t cutting 25 lbs to make the MW (LHW) limit.


Tito would have looked like Matt Hammill or DC no matter time frame he refers to as his prime.

Pico Jones would beat both Liddell and Ortiz on the same night.

Jones vs. Chuck blow for blow would have been an amazing contest

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Tito is dumb.

Yeah at least Chuck always had the chance of landing that big shot, and he was notoriously difficult to take down and keep there. Tito wouldn’t have come close to taking Jon down, and he would have been pieced up, taken down and submitted.

Absolutely. Chuck was way more accurate than he’s given credit for, and he would be pressing the action on Jones. Hard to take down, he can land while moving backwards, he had great kickboxing and legendary toughness. With the right game plan and mindset, Chuck would make that fight very competitive in his prime.