Tito Needs To Work Stand Up

Tito looked a little gun shy to me. He needs to focus on kickboxing extensively for awhile, get used to getting hit in the face.

I thought Tito extensively worked on his stand up for several years now and especially hard before Lidell fight.

Where the hell were all his standup "skills" of several years now in COTE fight?

It seems his standup was better many years ago when he fought Jerry Bohlander. How does it get worse after years of training?

Tito will be gone by end of 2005 because of his mental inaptitude for fighting and one dimentional fighting.

I don't think his skills are suspect - I think he's just VERY gunshy after his losses to Chuck and Randy. I don't care how good your skills are, if you're that tentative on your feet you're probably going to get dropped!

He has some OK stand up if you ever have seen the Shamrock fight.He was pounding on Ken the whole time standing when they stood on their feet.I think he was very cautious after the Liddell fight because of what happened and he will be better when he fights next against Vitor he just needs to do like Randy watch for the straight left and take him down and pound on him.

thank you captain obvious.

According to Rogan Tito "looks like a world class kickboxer"

If Tito hit like LeBanner, he would be champ now.

Don't you just love threads where the Title just states the obvious? Wow!! This just in: Tito needs to work standup! LOL

I bet Tito is working plenty of pads, etc., but not tailoring his workouts to benefit striking much.

His movement, standing, is slow, awkward & tense. Anybody with any real handspeed and who is loose is going to beat him to the punch, in standing exchanges.

I wonder whether changing his weight routine wouldn't help, i.e. to lighter weights, faster & more explosive reps, like sets of even 100, with explosive start to every rep.

"His movement, standing, is slow, awkward & tense"

that's exactly it, even as a novice in the first Metzger fight he looked more natural standing

When Tito was younger there was much less to lose so he would let his hands go (like mezger ortiz 1). But he has a family and a career to worry about and that changes things..so even though his technique and skill is supperior his mind can be his problem.

With that said i think Titos stand up is underrated, people said if he stood with Ken he'd get crushed yet he owned Ken on the feet and the floor, i think the liddel loss might have messed with his head but time will tell....remember cote was a one trick pony Tito had no reason to stand and take any chances no matter how good his stand up is.

Agreed, its a mental thing with Tito. He has the skills. But at the highest level of all sports it usually all comes down the mental game. Tito best figure it out.

On a side note i wonder whay we havent seen his thai clinch more often. Shamrock was helpless in it and a guys with Titos physical traits could do some damage with it against "better stikers" like a Cote.

He leads with his left shoulder too much, hence he has no power in his jab and has to over-rotate to make contact with his right hand, he should start working to his strengths, develop a good stiff jab, then whenever anyone tries to close the distance, change levels and take them down, or go for the Thai clinch.

I think Tito shold spend some time in thailand getting worked over by a serious coach, so far nobody has taught him to pull the fucking trigger.

i think tito needs to hook up with bas rutten. he was 1 of the best stand up fighters in mma. get away from who ever the hell iss working with him on stand up now. an i agree he looked better standing 3 fights ago then he does now.


Wanna see Tito training Muay Thai

Go here...


Click on the sample show. It's 1 hour 7 minutes long. Tito's segment is about 7-8 minutes in.


That was training at Master Toddy's gym, btw. Shows him doing lots of elbows, punches and some knees.

I'm working on show no.2 right now. Has some John Wayne Parr training footage in it (the Aussie fighter who TKO'd Duane Bang Ludwig not too long ago).

"Don't you just love threads where the Title just states the obvious?"

Yes I do. About as much as I love all the very astute MMA scientists who go on those threads claiming that the title states the obvious.

If it's so obvious, why do you feel the need to point it out?


"Tito looked a little gun shy to me. He needs to focus on kickboxing extensively for awhile, get used to getting hit in the face. "

That is so correct, the more stand up, better it is for the fight.

"tito needs to work his standup"

i think he has alot, it just isnt working. Some people are born being able to strike. and others arent. no amount of training can fix that