TJ Dillashaw claims he did not benefit from previous PED use

Could it be from the insanely low level of body fat???

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It’s not slander/libel.

He used them and got caught.

It’s the truth.


True but even saying TJ received help, he’s still obviously worked his ass off to get where he is. I can’t even tell you how many people I’ve met that have done literally nothing on their own, full grown adults with zero skills. If only they took the help they received and used it to propel them into something big….



TJ tested positive for EPO in only one fight. He was TKO’d in 30 seconds and EPO is meant to enhance endurance, to help you outlast your opponent…so no, he did NOT benefit from PEDs whatsoever.


@Hong_Kong_Phooey, pushing this to the main site.

“Pushing” is not the most opportune word to use in a thread about drugs, @J_Burgos! And don’t forget to throw in the $5 Arby’s coupon for @Hong_Kong_Phooey for another thread that turned into a front-page news item.

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He basically already stated he’s coming in wrestling heavy for this one

He hasn’t benefited from any that we have caught him taking.

I know, this is the part where you say “they tested all his previous b samples dumb ass!”.

The mfers are all doing something. Sometimes they fuck up and some trace amounts float around on the days they shouldn’t be there.


Why take PED’s in the first place then if you don’t think they are of any benefit to you as athlete


TJ is just trying to convince himself that he doesn’t need the PEDs… I think he will lose this weekend … he is very skilled but his brittle chin makes him too vulnerable

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Idk man. Sure, he only TESTED positive once but I’m going to go out on a limb and assume he’s been using it for a while and botched the mask or whatever it is elite athletes do to get by w this shit.
As far as I’m concerned, everyone should be on PED’s… to an extent. What kind of dipshit world do we live in where we expect these athletes to wreck their bodies and not fix them. Because if they’re used correctly, PED’s are extremely beneficial to your long term physical health.

(Evidently, I’m too fucking dumb to include the quote of your post)

I don’t know why you are sorry?

I am not saying privilege is the number one predictor of success.

I am saying its a good idea to downplay your privilage in social situations to appear more likable.

It’s just a social trick to make people like you more.

I am not making a claim about what is right or wrong.

I’m simply saying that its smart to downplay the gifts you have been given, the peds you have taken, the money you have, your genetics and so on.

Its a social trick.

As a matter of fact, its smart to make yourself appear to have been much weaker than you were. To appear to have been poor when younger. To be the ugly duckling when you were growning up.

Once you learn that people downplay their advantages you see people do it all the time. And if you are smart you will do it too.

His nipples definitely benefited from them in both girth & length! Oh on second thought I guess that’s not really a benefit…. Carry on, TJ.

Wait is this actually true? I didn’t realise they did that to UFC fighters that tested positive.
And he’s saying his samples actually came up clean for all his previous fights?!
…I assume USADA would come out and correct him if that wasn’t the case?

GTFO. His former teammates outed him. He benefitted a great deal from his cocktails.


I thought I read something that epo was found in his older samples when they tested them again, is my memory fooling me? Would it even be public if they found something?
Dillashaw was always a guy that that looked suspicious to me when it comes to peds, I would be surprised if it really was for the one fight only

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I hope TJ Dillashart gets knocked out


i still think everyone is on peds
congrats to him for all his old samples testing negative though