TJ Dillashaw claims he did not benefit from previous PED use

Do people not think what they’re saying through anymore? How can you just say stuff to the media without questioning why you’re really saying it?

Yeah I guess I see it sort of like the Belfort/TRT argument. “It didn’t really help him in the fight”. Okay maybe it did, maybe it didn’t, but it certainly helped him in training. He was able to learn new techniques and apply them to his game and at his age/experience level, it took his game to the next level. He could take whatever he learned in that camp into training for the rest of his career. Maybe this is what will happen with TJ as well. I don’t know.

When I said stop I didn’t mean training. I meant discontinuing the use of epo. The cardiovascular system gains dwindle after 4 weeks. You aren’t gaining muscle tissue like with anabolic steroids that you hang on to. Yes it’s cheating, no argument there from me. I’m just saying people are grossly overstating the results of epo use.

That would make a lot more sense if EPO wasn’t tested for previously, but it was. So what is your point?

If anyone knows about cheating with drugs its Chael

Anyone who has used anabolic steroids would know that they absolutely 100% help and have a residual effect after stopping.

Floyd landis said they were avoiding day of testing by injecting it IV.

Wasn’t that part of why all this was funny? That Cody was publicly saying he was on EPO but they still didn’t actually test him directly for that (it wasn’t a standard pre-fight test). It wasn’t until the Henry fight he was actually tested for EPO, was he?

Correct, so imagine the shit they didn’t catch him for.


Because you can’t just “test for Epo”

You could inject it the day before the fight and pass. It’s a naturally occurring substance in everyone’s body. They have to blood test you numerous times and get averages and determine you are screening screwing around and out of range. There’s youtube videos that claim they know for a fact people are microdosing esterless testosterone and epo to keep themselves at the tip top of “natural” and be the best possible version of themselves while skating by the tests and not throwing up any flags.

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Because IQ is mostly genetic and it’s the best indicator of success.

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I think you underestimate the gains made by the body when being able to push yourself with illegal advanced cardio drugs.

Watched his presser from yesterday and lol. He said he did the EPO because “my hematocrit crashed to the 30’s.” That’s pretty disingenuous when a lot of the human population walks around in the 30’s. Normal would be above 40, but something as simple as hydration level could easily put you a bit above or below that. a HCT in the 30’s in certainly nothing you’d treat in a clinical setting.

Erythropoietin improves functional and histological recovery of traumatized skeletal muscle tissue - PubMed.

EPO-treated muscle tissue displayed improved functional capillary density as well as reduced leukocytic response and consecutively macromolecular leakage over day 14. Concomitantly, muscle histology showed significantly increased numbers of BrdU-positive satellite cells and interstitial cells as well as slightly lower counts of cleaved caspase-3-positive interstitial cells. EPO results in faster and better regeneration of skeletal muscle tissue after severe trauma and goes along with improved microcirculation. Thus, EPO, a compound established as clinically safe, may represent a promising therapeutic option to optimize the posttraumatic course of muscle tissue healing.

yea, EPO isn’t for muscle building, so this is kind of a silly thing to argue.

I personally believe that TJ used PEDs his entire career, and that we have no way of knowing how his career would have looked without PEDs – EPO, in particular. I think the evidence from his teammates, coupled with the failed test and physical tells makes him one of the easier calls in MMA.

I also think that the Treigning Lab is a dope provider. Guys aren’t flying from across the country to get their blood levels checked and get on the exercise bike with coach Cal. (Also, does anyone remember when Coach Cal wrote that mellowdramatic BS post after TJ got caught about never abandoning family and a guy purporting to be his son responded that Cal abandoned him after he came out of the closet? Was that real?)

I should say that I don’t have any personal insight into this one. This is all based on what I’ve seen publicly.

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Lol disgruntled team alpha male guys say so. Given that it’s not for getting bigger, but more to keep you at bay cardio and energy wise during something grueling like going to 125, would lead me to believe it was a one time thing