TJ Dillashaw on turning down a tune-up before Sandhagen

TJ Dillashaw is a penis touching loser.


Hes definitely not Wolfpac material.


This is a tough call for me.

I think TJ could beat the current champ Sterling and he is my go-to over #2 and #3 Sandhagen and Font and for sure he has the #4 guy Cody’s number.

Not sure TJ gets by Aldo though and there is no way he beats Yan.


Let’s see how he does when he’s off PEDs.

I think ironically his career will end the same as Barão.


I have to agree.

I think he could still pull off some wins but not as convincingly as before.

Yan will eat him alive.


Hope he gets Dodson’d

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TJ thinks he’s going to be the same fighter without PED’s. He’s going to in for a rude awaking.


What’s the final word on who was better when they trained and sparred together?

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Gold sir.

You have to think TJ is going to approach this fight with a grappling-heavy gameplan.

Man, EPO would definitely help with that. :stuck_out_tongue:


Lol at all you guys thinking this egotistical maniac isn’t gonna be on PEDs now



He’s also going to have to pay a lot for it, considering they’re going to be testing him more rigorously now.

I get people don’t like him but he was the most skilled guy on the roster at one point. PEDs ok, he is still fucking good.

The problem is age though, he’s 34 now. I really hope we get to see TJ vs Yan asap. TJ could take a decision he has higher output but Yan should be the favorite.

I don’t agree with that statement, but regardless he was also accused of cheating for years before he was caught. PEDs increase the ability to increase skills via training.

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I love this fight. My most anticipated of all signed fights at the moment. Still a big fan of TJ technically speaking. TJ is at +165 right now. This fight can end in so many different ways and it’s hard for me to imagine what will happen once they start exchanging.

Sterling ain’t no champ!! :joy: