tko and the hells angels

For anyone that was at TKO and had floor seats, did you see all the hells angels? The last show i was at they also had a big presence. At one show one of them even walked some fighters to the ring wearing there full colours. What i am trying to get here is that just the presence of a motorcycle gang at these events is not good. It is not good when a five year a old asks what those patches mean. This is not what we need to further our sport. I really think that patry should not let them accompany any fighters to the ring while they are wearing their colours. As if it is not bad enough that duqqette has hells angels tattoed across his stomach and hells down the back of one arm and angels on the other. What are your thoughts on this issue?

You're trolling

Duquette is who he is.....a GOOD FIGHTER! His friends are paying customers and have the right to be there just like anyone else. I have a great call Duquette and tell him your thoughts! better yet, you tell his friends not to walk him to the ring!

Mark is correct. Steve Duquette is a great fighter.

Colangelo, whats your e-mail?


Although they may do things that I wouldn't do, I've ALWAYS found members of the Hells Angels some of the nicest guys I've met. One of them bumped into my wife leaving the venue, and apologized immediately. I thought that was very respectful of him.

As long as they pay their money, and dont' cause problems at the event I don't see any reason why they shouldnt be there...


You have the right to disagree with their activities, but i personnally know some of these guys, and they are some of the nicest guys i've met so far. They are paying customers just like you and as far as i know they didn't cause any problems out there.

As for Steve Duquette, for a 38 years old guy, he is a good fighter and a great guy.

Some of the members attend the WFF's in B.C. and they have always been excellent fans.

"It is not good when a five year a old asks what those patches mean."

IMO a 5 year old kid shouldn't be there in the first place...


i understand what your saying, not sure i agree.

here is how i see it: duqette's choices are his own responsibility and not my business. don't see is as my busines to pass judgement on him or the people he associates himself with...

5 year olds ask questions about anything and everything...

i don't think that mma venues should be judged from a moral high ground simply because morality is by itself a subjective issue. what i think is that the best way to promote mma in canada is by running 'peaceful' and entertaining events. general public is concerned with safety if you want the support of the 'community' that's what we need to emphasise the rest will follow...


Not that it's my business or my place to say anything. I have met my fair share of bikers and they have always been nice to me and my family. Though there is always that element of their business, and it's under the surface. Questions could be raised about refereeing, people taking dives, and other stuff. Though I am not personally touched by thier presence or their active role in the MMA world, so its not my business, but others may feel differently.

I've met hundreds of bikers. Nothing but great guys.

As for Steve Duquette, he was classy as well. And I didn't he was 38 years old. That leaves me with 8 more years to get a body like his. Damn is he ever in excellent shape...AWESOME.

The Hells Angels are a motorcycle club not a gang.
You are a victim of Police Propaganda perpetuated by media sensationalism.
You have judged an entire group of people based on what information? Have you ever spoken to a member of the club? Steve Trained hard for his fights and was supported at TKO by his Brothers from all over Canada.
That is a sign of true Brotherhood and friendship.
You may now go back to the donut shop.

Mark Stables


They didn't cause any problems but yet you come on here to attack them. They are a big presence at all the fight cards in B.C. and I have yet to see them offend anyone. At my events they have been some of my best customers always wanting front row seats and supporting all the fighters win or lose.

What they do should not be used against them when it comes to them sitting in an arena simply supporting an event whether it be fights or soccer. If they were there causing trouble that that side of them would obviously be up for debate but this is not the case they were there and caused no trouble

TTT for Mark Stables kicking danda in the nuts!

I sat next to a group of them(about a dozen) at TKO 13, really nice guys.

I have known many "bikers" and bike clubs.

They can be the nicest guys out there, yet one must admit that their reputations are earned. These are not myths that are bestowed upon them.

I say that they have every right to go where ever they want.

From a "fan of the sport" perspective though, it might be best compared to when they go to a bar. Any bar that does not want trouble will ask that they leave the colours at the door, and for a very specific and good reason.

The air and image that surrounds this cohort at this particular time, especially in Ontario and Quebec might dictate the reality of what is necessary to sell this sport as legitimate.

Remember, this is about making money and having the sport flourish. This is not about making cool with the tough guy crowd.

10040g is absolutely right.

I met some Hells Angels too and they were all nice guys, but they probably lost some serious money at the TKO saturday betting on Potvin and Vigneault, after Fontaine's fight i looked back and they were all eye balling us with a mean ass face like " U dead "....Me and Fontaine just took off!