Today's Boxing Trivia

Here's the two questions for the day :
1) Name the only boxer to score a professional victory over Gene Tunney
2) What was Holmes professional record GOING INTO his fight with Michael Spinks ( bonus points if you can say why its significant )
I'll post answers at 2:00 Central time

Dogsoldier, you my friend are correct. And you even got the bonus points. Very impressive.

Do some more ;o)

Okay, 1) what did Harry Greb die of? What was the first $1,000,000 gate in history?

2.) is Ali and Frazier

First $1,000,000 gate=Dempsey vs. Tunney?

Do more i say B.Chad, i dont know any of the answers but hey its interesting finding out.

Mikey has a triva part in there forum and its TUFF!

First $1,000,000 gate was Dempsey vs Carpentier.


Here's some more: -

Tyson vs Smith - it went 12 rounds, but Tyson gave a rather strange reason for this... what was it?

What were supposedly Max Baer's last words?

What scared Butch Lewis (Spink's manager) when he went into Tyson's dressing room before Tyson vs Spinks?

What did Bob Fitzsimmons wife supposedly shout just before he KOed Corbett?

I thought Baer said "I'd rather see a people doctor", but that's certainly good enough.

Yep... you're right about Rose Fitzsimmons. You know your stuff, but you were probably there anyway :o)

I'd almost forgotten about that thing. He kinda deserved to loose.

I'm back, had the day off yesterday. Harry Greb went to the hospital for routine surgery, the doctors gave him too much anesthetics, and he never woke up from surgery.
The first million dollar gate was Dempsey v. Carpentier. Dempsey ko'd him in 4 rounds.
I'll post more questions a little later.

I'm gonna say the largest weight diff had to be a fight involving Primo Carnera.
As far as three fights in a day, possibly Henry Armstrong?

was the three fight guy former American Light Heavy champ Battling Levinsky - whose title Tunney won?

The same title Tunney lost then regained v Greb

The biggest weight difference was Loughran v Carnera
I think it was in the neighborhood of 85 lbs.

What modern fighter fought for the heavyweight championship in his first fight?

What bareknuckle champion won and lost the American Heavyweight title in his first and second fight?

You are on fire MB!

What a cool thread.

What champion fighters' favorite bible quote was

"Blessed be the Lord my God.
Who teacheth my fingers to war and
My hands to fight."

What champion's manager is credited with coining the phrase - "We wuz robbed!"

You smoked me on the Ruby Robert question. I should have guessed the Cornish blacksmith would be the likely candidate but d'oh!

Tiger Flowers it is!

Max Schmeling's manager after the rematch decision loss to Sharkey (All the more hilarious because Schmeling took the first title bout with Sharkey on a dubious foul)

What scared Butch Lewis before the Tyson fight?

Before the fight Lewis went into Tyson's Dressing
room and Tyson was punching holes in the wall