Tony Ferguson losing his mind on Twitter

Hieroglyphics bruv. He’s gonna be remembered in time

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WATCH: When Tony Ferguson Threw Sand at Justin Gaethje in the Octagon

Someone from Ferguson’s corner shouted, “Give me sand, give me sand!” Amazingly, Ferguson seemed to reach out for some sand on the floor of the dirtless Octagon and threw it rather flamboyantly at Gaethje’s face. He followed it up with a magician’s wave and then continued fighting like everything was normal.

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I remember watching live. My heart had sunk at thet point. I know he wasn’t the same fighter.
Prime Tony Ferguson is the best LW thats ever fought in the UFC.
He’s a guy that got fucked by not being able to fight every few weeks. The training fucked him. Making him wait to fight onece or twice a year is where he hit the skids.

Tferg has been a tool since ultimate fighter when he got into it with that other fighter that was having child issues and Tony was like “where’s your kid now”

Ever since then I felt tony was a kinda of a shit person


Crazy lives matter!

Because he trained like a donkey brain. Some Mexican on a BMX threatened to kill me outside his old gym. I told him to fuck off. I never actually went in there, it looked more muay Thai than MMA. I should’ve checked it out, it’s on Ventura avenue which is a bit sketchy.

Idk if he’s even in my top 5

I got a buddy who used to train there for about 4 years. It’s a MT gym for sure. He didn’t seem to have any complaints.

Lol @ him faking the right then missing badly with the jab, Gaethje just taking a step back like wtf is happening right now

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Tony is a fuckin basket case and I’m glad he’s been getting mauled in the cage.


He lost his mind years ago.

Me too. He is a head case, cringy, and a prick. I have enjoyed his recent beating tremendously.



A little progress maybe? Seems like fewer emojis in this tweet

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Still talks like half a retard though.


Whats the other half, cerebral palsey?


I dunno, Bath Salts?

Dude definitely has a screw loose


He strikes me as someone who got smacked around too much as a kid. (Not a criticism).

His hands are fuckin massive though.