Top 20 Heavyweights

  1. Fedor Emelianenko-- duh

  2. Antonio Nogeuria-- with Cro Cops loss, Nog takes the second spot. His win over Barnett, and (albeit older) win over Cro Cop, make him a lock, now, at #2.

  3. Mirko Cro Cop-- he's a little hard to rank now, after his loss to Gonzaga. Winning the Pride GP, defeating Barnett and Silva, made him #2. He was KO'ed by Gonzaga. He drops to 3, as he just beat Barnett who is 4. Can't put Gonzaga, who was ranked anywehre from 18-23, above him-- it is, realistically, just too far of a jump. The Cop is now at 3. His Pride GP victory warrants this, despite his recent KO loss.

  4. Josh Barnett-- beat everyone put in front of him, recently, other than Nog and Cro Cop. Impressive heavyweight, beat Nog once, took out Couture (albeit on roids) makes him a lock at #4.

  5. Randy Couture-- he's a bit tricky to rank. He left heavyweight because he was beaten twice (by Barnett and Ricco, respectively). He returns to heavyweight and puts on perhaps, his greatest HW display ever, in completely dismantling 2 times champion and stalwart UFC heavyweight figure Tim Sylvia. I can see the logic behind ranking Couture anywhere from #3 to #6. I fit him behind Barnett, who beat him, but above all others.

  6. Mark Hunt-- some will say I ranked him too high. But he holds a victory over Cro Cop and took current #1 HW Fedor to a war. His record is deceptive-- he was immediately thrown to the wolves, so to speak, in his MMA career. Also holds impressive victory over TK. Ranked behind Couture because he so easily fell to Barnett.

  7. Tim Sylvia-- very underrated HW. He may look sloppy, but he gets the job done. His loss to Couture does not prove he sucks- it proves Couture's greatness. Wins over Arlovski, Ricco, and the extremely underrated Jeff Monson prove Sylvia is legit and belongs. He may not be fan friendly, but he wins, and deserves this ranking.

  8. Arlovski-- beat the world class HW Werdum, proving he belongs with the top dogs. It mayn't have been a barnburner, but Arlovski showed he is hell to take down and can't dictate the pace of the fight, and where he wants it. Former HW champ, fell to Sylvia, he fits in nicely at #8.

  9. Jeff Monson-- so underrated. The new and imrpoved Jeff Monson lost only to the also undrrrated Tim Sylvia-- which is no shame at all. Showed his true skills by easily dispatching the always tough and game Kazuyuki Fujita. Most won't rank him top 10-- I will-- and I think there's at least 2 heavyweights on this list he could beat.

  10. Gabriel Gonzaga-- very ahrd HW to rank. Had never beat a HW of note until his brutal KO of Cro Cop. Just because someone is winning in the UFC does not mean they are beating good fighters. Wins over Kevin jordan, Fabiano Scherner, and Carlos Marrero, mean next to nothing and show us little about Gonzaga. However, his takedown, control, ground and pound, poise, confidence, and KO aagaint Cr Cop tell us much about him. I'm not sold on him yet, but he deserves to be ranked anywehre from 8-12.

  11. Fabricio Werdum-- a good fighter, with an impressive victory over Alexander Emelianenko and a gusty performance against Nogeuria-- but he has shown a big vulnerability against strikers with good to decent takedown defense (i.e. Arlovski and Kharitonov). Win over Alexander and loss against Arlovski puts him just outside top 10.

  12. Alexander Emelianenko-- personally, I feel most overrate him. He gasses, has shown little ground skill, and has beat only one world class opponent in Sergei Kharitonov (also, arguably Eric Pele). He receives much hype due to being King Fedor's brother. However, he does have hands and is a good fighter. Deserves to be ranked 12th, behuind Werdum, of course.

  13. Sergei Kharitonov-- solid heavyweight. Older win over Werdum but more recent loss against Alexander puts him in the bottom 3rd of this triangle of fights and fighters that proves MMAmath doesn't work.

  14. Brandon Vera-- promising heavyweight. Inactive as of recent. Needs to fight anyone ranked between 8 and 13. Possible contender, but in some ways, unproven.

  15. Jake O'Brien-- made Herring look like a fool. Very good takedowns, stamina, poise, and control. However, he showed little else. Might be hard to beat with his wrestling style. Fits in at 15, just behuind all the young and rising prospects.

  16. Roman Zentsov-- on a tear. Hands of stone. However, has not beat anyone that was ranked. Ready to see him fight top flight competition. Hopefully Zuffa aquires his services.

  17. Heath Herring-- embarrasing loss to O'Brien, barely pulled out a victory against Goodridge, shocking K1 loss to Greco put this once top 5 fighter almost out of the top 20. His sloppy win over the sloppy Imes did nothing to help his rank. I'm beginning to believe we will never again see the Heath Herring of old.

  18. Wanderlei Silva-- his destruction of Kazuyuki Fujita, ability to last against a priming Cro Cop, and near victory over Hunt (albeit an older fight) merit his 18th rank. Will mostly be unranked as a HW due to a more serious career at LHW.

  19. Paul Buentello-- former UFC contender, good hands, shows promise. Seems a bit sloppy at times, but like Sylvia, gets the job done. Unlike Syvlia, Buentello is all action. Beatable but durable, he may forever be a journeyman. It would be nice to see Zuffa pick him back up and matrch him with young and rising talent to see where both he and they belong.

  20. Frank Mir-- I always thought he was overrated. Just now he has been exposed. He warrants this top 20 rank due to his HUGE victory over the underrated Tim Sylvia. In my opinion, there's another 30 or so HW's who can beat him. However, due to his big victory over Tim, he holds tight at #20. Will most likely be crushed in his next UFC outing, unless he faces a scrub-- he barely beat Gary Christison.

I'd like to hear educated opinions, not flaming...however, flame away.

Gonzaga is 3 at worst. Being sold on someone has nothing to do with rankings.










are the only two possible top 4 rankings at this time.

smac1 comes through with the dumbest post of the day. Gonzaga #2 in the world???! Get the fuck out of here


I understand you not wanting to have Herring, Silva, and Mir ranked. However, as you said, the HW division is not that deep. I could see someone arguing Eric Pele and Antonio Silva to be ranked above them-- but who else? Perhaps Fujita or Ricco I suppose....but I still give a rankings edge to Herring, Silva, and Mir (by a thread)

If you don't see that it just means that you don't have any concept of how rankings are done.

lol at Gonzaga at 2nd or 3rd. Gonzaga above Nog, Barnett, Couture? After all they have done at HW. He holds one win against a notbale opponent. I do not follow a belief that if fighter A beats fighter B he automatically belongs ranked above him. What if a a fighter with 0-4 record beats Fedor in Pride next month? Is he then #1? No-- but his rank does increase. Gonzaga still has a lot to prove....

smac-- can you please explain how rankings are "done"?

LMAO at Randy being ranked above Gonzaga.

Randy is 1-2 in his last 3 heavyweight fights. Gonzaga is 8-1 with 8 finishes including a total destruction of the #2 or #3 guy.

Randy has 1 win (by decision)at HW in over 5 years.

Gonzaga has 8 wins (all by stoppage) in the same period and holds a destruction win over a guy who is montains better than anyone Randy ever fought.

It's impossible to rank fighters accurately, especially after hugh upsets like this one. I have absolutely no idea where Gonzaga fits in at this time. That said, I can't help but feel that people rank Randy way too high based on his popularity.

"Gonzaga above Nog, Barnett, Couture?"

Pretty much. He beat the guy that SMASHED Barnett. Couture isn't proven at HW yet (Thought everyone thinks beating Sylvia was some kind of miracle, despite the amount of ridicule he received here).

So, 3 or 4 is logical.

You can't rank Cro Cop above Gonzaga. He just lost to him.

Gonzaga just destroyed the #2 or #3 guy. He has no loses in the recent past that should detract from his ranking. He is #2 or #3 now depending on where you had Cro Cop.

for lattter

I agree with RLN's top 5.

Worst list eva.

"Gonzaga just destroyed the #2 or #3 guy. He has no loses in the recent past that should detract from his ranking. He is #2 or #3 now depending on where you had Cro Cop."

I had Crocop tied with Mino for #2 but there is no way Gonzaga passes Mino. Crocop looks unbeatable at times but he just seems to lose to lesser opponents occasionally. IMO, there is no way of knowing whether this fight was one of these cases yet. Gonzaga looked very impressive though so it will be interesting to see how he will do against other elite fighter.

"I had Crocop tied with Mino for #2 but there is no way Gonzaga passes Mino."

If you had them tied then I would probably have Gonzaga after Mino now as well (which I do).

Monson ahead of Gonzaga? I think not.

1) Gonzaga - beat the living shit out of Crocop and finished him under 5 minutes.

2) Fedor - got bloodied and damaged by Crocop for a major portion of first round and did minimal damage to Crocop to win a decicion.

3) Crocop - won GP that Nogueira participated and lost in, this easily avenges his early mma career loss to Nogueira.

4) Nogueira - only recent lost to Fedor and loss in the GP, which he later avenged.

5) Barnett - got to GP final and recent decicion loss to Nogueira

6) Couture - not a real HW and will not last even 1 title defense at HW

7) Sylvia - sucks but somehow he can beat Arlovski 9/10 times.

8) Arlovski - beat Sylvia once, and Werdum recently.

9) Monson - solid win over Fujita, on a tear before losing to a boring decision to Sylvia

10) Roman Zentsov - on a tear recently, so solid wins over B fighters and has beens
or tie

10) Jake O'Brien - recent win over slipping Heath Herring.

Fedor, Mino, Gonzaga, Crocop or

Fedor, Gonzaga, Mino, Crocop