Top 5 Countries in MMA (ranked)

Top 5 Countries in MMA. Ranked 1-5.

1. USA

2. Brazil

3. Russia

4. Canada

5. Japan

Ranking Criteria: What 5 countries do I think currently produce the best MMA athletes. 

It was more of a personal opionion question. What do you think?

Wow that's an awful list.

Try actually seeing who is in the top 10 ranks

this includes from Superheavy to Bantam and Women's too.

1) USA

2) Brazil / Japan

3) Russia (they have a few HWs, that's about it)

4) Canada

I like my list. But yours is ok to gorilla.

Korea will probably be top 5 soon

the mma scene there is really taking off

lol @ Canada being ahead of Japan

Seriously, Canada ahead of Japan is just absurd.

The only highest-level MMA fighters that Canada has ever produced that I can think of offhand are GSP, Kang, Carlos Newton, Loiseau, Salaverry... (I'll also include Hominick, Antonio Carvalho, Menjivar.)

So that's just a handful, definitely fewer than 10. And only 2 Canadians have ever been champions of any major-league promotion (GSP and Newton).

Japan, on the other hand, has produced (again, just off the top of my head) top fighters like Sakuraba, Sakurai, Sato, Uno, Gomi, Kawajiri, Funaki, Suzuki, Kondo, Aoki, Akiyama, Kid Yamamoto, Misaki...

Too many to really list. And almost all of those guys have been champions of a major-league promotion.

Even Russia (and even if you include all of the eastern Slavic republics of Russia, Ukraine, and Belarus collectively) has only produced top fighters primarily at only one weight class, HW (although quite a few notable ones, obviously).

So here's my list:

  1. USA

  2. Brazil

  3. Japan

  4. Russia/Ukraine/Belarus

  5. Canada

  • And Canada would be a fairly distant #5 at that.

And btw, I would probably be forced to then rank the Netherlands at a distant #6, being the only other country that, to date, has ever produced more than one top MMA fighter ever.

Korea should probably be #7 already - and I would be pretty hard pressed to think of any country that could possibly be #8.

Its like DIS

1 Australia/New Zealand


3 Brazil

4 Japan

5 Russia

How the fuck is Canada above Japan?

1) USA
2) Brazil
3) Japan
4) Russia
5) Canada

Basically the U.S. and Brazil are clearly the top 2, with a good deal of separation over everyone else.

Japan and Russia are next, with a good deal of separation over Canada.

And then there is a wide divide between those 5 countries and everyone else.

I'd easily put the Netherlands above Canada.

If we are including all weight classes (123, 132 and so forth) I think Japan should be tied with USA for number one, with Brazil second.

lol at Kondo and Uno being on that guys list of "top fighters"

"lol at Kondo and Uno being on that guys list of "top fighters""

  • Reading comprehension can be a valuable friend.

Note that I said that I was counting top-level fighters that each country has EVER produced.

Which is why I also included Newton, Loiseau, and Salaverry for Canada - as well as Kondo, Uno, Sato, Funaki, and Suzuki for Japan - ALL of whom at one time were formerly either #1 in their weight class (Sato) or champions (Suzuki, Funaki, Kondo, and Uno).

I am talking about what countries are CURRENTLY producing (last 2-3 years + future potential).

Canada easily makes the top 5.

You have to put Iran at #2 b/c they have Dehghani and Ashgar Rashteberi who will be fighting Rich Franklin soon.

There's some talent coming out of the Netherlands, too.

EDIT: missed that someone mentioned the netherlands already


come on now.. japan should be ahead of canada. maybe even russia in terms of quantity of top fighters.

Canada above Japan is just some racist shit. No one will take notice of any of your lists any time soon. Jog on.