Torn Groin (Pics)

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holy shit

Ouch, I did that was not fun.

shit, hope your recovery is quick.

Wow. How'd it happen?

Ice is your friend!

Good luck and take the time off you need to heal it 100%.  Mine took 8 months of no training but has healed to 95% or so.


Ronin MMA

i don't know how it happened i got thrown clean in a judo tourney and just felt a pain. it was a team tourney so i said i would only fight again if i had to, got to the finals and had to get back in there i to get it to the ground but the ref stood us up second time it hurt too much i quit and got dq'd all at the same time.

xader - yeah, i've had groin injuries that just stay with you forever it seems, this is the worst one. the first day after i thought i'd need crutches i am surprised at how much better i feel today. i'll see how long this thing takes to heal


I did that about a 1 1/2 ago. It hurt like hell. What was weird, though, was I could still squat and do some other stuff.

It took about a month to heal to where I could train at 50-75%, and about another month until I could go full speed.


 yeah - things seem to be looking up as far as recovery. i am back to moving around normal for the most part like you described. guard work would be out of the question for quite some time, probably no randori in judo either. I am leaving town for 10 days so i am just going to take it easy and see how it feels when i get back


damn good luck on a speedy recovery.

i dont know what the jiu jitsu community will do without such a strong player as yourself ;)

thanks baroque. I too was wondering the implications.


i put that on my facebook baroque. thanks for that. i hope you all can continue with your training in my absence


Looks like a torn adductor, which will fuck with your groin something awful...

See a professional and start rehabbing it ASAP.

I'm calling bullshit, as RNRS just wants a way out of getting he's ass beat in Hawaii on his vacation!!!!



*heal quick!

tried to put a 420 lb guy in guard ... he got his weight on me. Wasn't right for a year. Key for me was stretching multiple times per day and then squeezing a ball or pillows with my leg for high reps (PT advice)

 I did the kinda same thing bout 6 months ago....tor my hamstring really bad and small tar in my groin......had to get an mri tore my hammy 50 %.....still not 100%

I had a hamstring/groin injury that took 1 plus year to get better. It was far worse then any neck , knee or shoulder injury that I ever had. get better, and good luck on re-hab

Time to get a set of rings.