Total Gym 2000?

The other day while I was flipping channels in boredom I saw an advertisement for the 'total gym 2000' which was being endorsed by Chuck Norris. I have to say I took a second look at it, it seemed like it wouldn't be too bad because it was a system that used your body weight against you. Has anyone ever tried one of these? Is it effective? It looks like it would sstrengthen the joints and maintain flexibility at the same time. It's about $1000 though. Any thoughts? for free training programs brotha!!! then use your $$ and buy SCRAPPERS stuff!!

What Crippler said.

But on a side note if you'll use a Total Gym religiously and you won't stick with Scrapper's stuff then the Total Gym is a better investment.

I believe that the Total Gym is a modernized variation of an old Pilates "machine" but I could be wrong.

If you want old school strenght and fitness I suggest you go to and

You can find Total Gyms in sporting goods stores for about $300 bucks. I got one years ago and I like it allright. It's not great for mass but high reps on it give good muscle endurance and flexibility. I mix it up with Scrapper's workouts.

You already have the best workout machine ever invented. You are walking around in it right now.

My pants?

I got the Total Gym platnium off QVC for under 300 bucks. it has a dip attachment.. I like it.

I got a great work out on it.

I got a power tower, which lets you do pull-ups, dips, and leg raises, for 100 bucks plus free shipping! I combine that with some bodyweight exercises such as those shown on scrapper's site and I get a pretty good workout in my little apartment.

Unless your extremely weak and out of shape or rehabbing from a serious accident save your money.

The total gym is not bad, but you can make a homemade one like the one i sometimes use for a lot cheaper and it will be superior in terms of the workout you could achieve.

It wont do much for your legs, but on the steeper inclines is pretty good for the upper body.


Where'd you get the Power Tower at, Jacketwrestler? $100 plus free shipping seems like a good price.

You already have the best workout machine ever invented. You are walking around in it right now.

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