Tough Mudder ?

I am doing a Tough Mudder on Aug 24th in St Clairsville Ohio. This is my first mudder and I have no idea what kind of footwear I should wear. Anyone who has done one or any tips?

Thanks in advance

Unless you have money to burn I would just wear a half ass decent pair of runners you already have. More than likely you are going to toss them out at the end of the race. At least thats what I did. Oh and it really isnt hard at all if your in decent shape, to me its more of a novelty fun experience. Phone Post

ahh St. Clairsville..  I grew up in the OV. Harrison Co.

Footwear? - old running shoes.  you're going to get soaked at points, so it's better to wear synthetics instead of cotton unless you want blisters. This goes double for socks.

training advice? the obstacles will be crowded. you'll make up good time in the middle by being able to run, so have good aerobic cardio. (roadwork)