Toughill or Coenen for Cyborg Title SHOT?

WrestlingSucks - I remember a similar thread a couple years ago where you wanted to box Ali and when I simply said that she was probably out of your league in boxing, you blew up like a third grader.

I hope, if you do get the fight and win the title, you represent yourself a little better. People aren't always going to agree with you.

Ummm, Ill have to respectfully disagree. It was about 5 years ago now, but I did not say she was "out of my league". I truly believed that I could BEAT her, which is much different. Although I have a strong opinion on things, part of posting is KNOWING that people do have opinions. I believe in myself, and that is what matters to me. What I do know, is I cannot think of any of girl (that did or does MMA) who could be ranked in the top 5 in Boxing AND MMA simultaneously, which I did for a period. I did pretty decent for not even being a boxer lol and getting my ass kicked did not do anything to change my opinion of myself. I am still a good fighter & its when you LOSE, that when someone's true colors come out.

There are a lot of great female fighters out there, but no one knows of them. I feel people might be fans of my fighting, but it's also about promoting yourself. You might not like how I promote myself, but it works. And you are entitled to your opinion; whether you like me as a fighter or not. It's no issue with me. Whether ppl think I will win or NOT, that's also not an issue.

I am glad some ppl realize how hard it REALLY is to get down to 145 lol And if I could get to 135, I would. Prior to Gina, women did (and still do) had to fight in lower/higher weight classes. So it was not uncommon for us to go up and down to get chances just to fight. When mentionin Sara, its more to the fact that she had expressed interest in a higher class prior to her being pumped for 135. She has fought higher and lower. But I would stay in one class if I was given a title shot also. Those were some of the names that came off hand. Any minute her coach will come in here and freak out lol

I took 2007 off for personal reasons. I took 2008 off to shoot American Gladiators.

*Fought Nov 2008 @ 150 lbs. WON UD
*Fought Feb 2009 @ 148 lbs. WON TKO
*Fought May 2009 @ 144 lbs. WON UD...def not an easy task lol For obvious reasons, did not fight Aug 15th. So I have been pretty active and if they give me a TV fight before title shot, great. If not, Im sure ill be just fine :)

And I would not have an issue if Marloes deserved a shot before me, none at all. Taking 26 months off, I was def a lil rusty. But I think I have more than enough experience (and a winning record) to get my shot.

and Whistle Blower, I think I articulated it quite clearly about my fights; WHY I was not fighting and WHO would not fight me. I do not feel comfortable throwing certain girls names out there that did not wanna fight me. These are girls I am friends with, and girls that have alot of winning fights and have fought in 145 division. My decision to take off in 2007 was partly personal, partly bc I could NOT get fights. 2008 was just business. So I have to be able to get in the mix somehow, correct? When I had a 3 fight contract w PFC, I was going to fight anyone, and i mean anyone. So if certain girls did not want to fight me, that's not MY issue. Im here to fight and to help womens MMA. My opponents COMBINED records (MMA n Boxing) are better than most. So win or lose, Iv tried to fight the best competition I was offered, or where my skill level was at @ that time. U dnt hve to like me OR agree with what I say LOL Its all good :) jst tryn to explain myself a bit.

I would love to see u fight cyborg, erin. Keep up the good fight!

After the fight with Santos I would buy a ppv of Erin and Gina jello wrestling.

 I think Erin has the most realistic shot at beating Cyborg at this point in time.

Toughill would decimate Cyborg. 

They really needed Erin or whoever to fight in Saturday's event. Now they have to bring in someone to fight for the championship who no one who watches Strikeforce has ever seen before.

I think Marloes is probably too small to fight with Cyborg, and therefore I vote for Erin. Hopefully Erin has shaken her ring rust with her last couple of fights and feels comfortable with the weight cut.


Erin Toughill -
Coenen's record since 2007 is as follows: The girls she's beaten have records as follows:

Erin Toughill

You're pretty critical of Marloes but Gina's record isn't that hot either. Really it's pretty easy to diminish anyone's record.

I'm taking a look at Gina's record and it's not that great either.

Her last 4 fights (all in Elite XC)
Kelly Kobold was coming off a loss when she faced Gina. (Tara Larosa)
Katilin Young was coming off a loss when she faced Gina. (Sara Schneider)
Tonya Evinger was coming off a loss when she faced Gina.
(Vanessa Porto)
Julie Kedzie was coming off a loss when she faced Gina
(Amanda Bruckner)

That means all 4 of her last fights in Elite XC she fought a fighter who was just coming off a loss. How does that happen when you are contending for the title?

So really I don't see any real fairness in any of this but fights are being made based on marketablility. Which is true with men's MMA as well but probably more extreme in women's MMA right now.

erin is the shit. i've always felt she's top 5 in ALL women's mma. whatever erin chooses to do i support her.

I think styles make fights and I think Marloes has a better shot at beating Cyborg than you.  Alos, I find her style to be more entertaining than yours.  I say this with no disrespect intended, just my opinion.

double post

Good luck to you.

WB, laying down the facts as usual.

Erin vs. Cyborg

Coker, make it happen!

Erin deserves the shot against Cyborg before Coenen, no doubt about it.

walr?s - 
Roccy - Toughill would decimate Cyborg. 

She already ducked Cyborg in April.

- Female fighter Erin Toughill returns to action tonight at Palace Fighting Championship 13 in Lemoore, Calif., against Emily Thompson. According to Toughill's agent, Ken Pavia, she has an offer on the table to join Strikeforce's stable of female fighters. "While we're weighing all our options, Strikeforce is a very attractive one," Pavia told FanHouse. Toughill was originally offered to fight Cristiane "Cyborg" Santos on the April 11 Strikeforce card, but wanted a little more time to train for one of the best female fighters in the world.

LOL @ needing more time to train for someone who hadn't fought since October 4th of last year, when Erin had fought multiple times in that time. Erin has also been competing since 1999 and had 12 career MMA bouts and 12 career Boxing bouts leading up to that Strikeforce in April. Meanwhile, Cyborg has been competing since 2005 and only had 7 career bouts up to that point.

grabs popcorn


This thread has me wanting to see Cyborg vs. Erin, for the first title defense or secound, free fight buildup here

 I'd love to see Sarah Kaufman knock Toughill out. However we will likely never be able to see that fight as Sarah would be around 140lb's entering the cage and Toughill would be around 170lb's. It's no wonder Erin is trying to call her out, the fight will never happen.Typical.

I think Erin Toughill would not have a tough time with Cris Santos. Would be straight forward to market, too.

Erin is the shit.
The guys at Junkie radio actually had some positive things to say about you on Monday's show.