Trained Judo in Brazil last night

Last night I visited a judo school near the place I´m staying here in Brazil. I got there and was introduced as a jiu jitsu guy. I wore my brown belt because I was told that they actually did both there, and because I didnt have a white belt. I would have gladly put a white belt on had they asked.

One of the black belts (about 250 pounds of judo black belt) came over and immediately offered to help me with the basics of judo (I had told them that I knew nothing about judo, which is true). He spent an hour and a half with me personally going over drills and some great throws. It was awesome and I learned A LOT. It was my first formal judo class.

After the stand up portion, the sparring on the ground began. The head instructor, a Brazilian guy who I was told was excellent on the ground and on the feet, paired me up first with the big black belt. We rolled for about ten minutes, then I went with the head instructor.

It was a great to roll with these guys with no ego involved whatsoever. There was no "jiujitsu" vs "judo" attitude, just an acknowledgement of the strengths of each of the arts. The head instructor, in particular, told me to avoid some throws and only focus on the type that will help me in jiujitsu competitions. These were ankle pick type takedowns and kataguruma (firemans carry) like Jacare uses.

I am going back tomorrow night for more!

It seems to me that Judo vs Jiu Jitsu exists primarily on the UG. Outside of the UG I never hear it mentioned. Everywhere else it seems that people consider the two arts like two sides of the same coin and focus on how much they benefit each other.

That´s the way I feel about it.

When I went to Brazil last year we had seminars scheduled for 4 of the days we were down there, all set up by my instructor. One of the days was a brown belt from his school who also happens to be a 5th dan in Judo. We didn't work a bit of ground work in the roughly 2 hours he taught, it was strictly Judo. We worked throws and breakfalls the entire time and nobody batted an eye. It's all part of the same thing. It's not like any of us were upset that we were working takedowns instead of ground work. The two go hand in hand.

" It seems to me that Judo vs Jiu Jitsu exists primarily on the UG."

I agree with this statement. The only people I find who do the judo vs bjj thing in real life are those who do not train in either style.

Or they are fundamentalists of one art and thus hate on the other.


You are a traitor! You should be kicked out of your jiu jitsu school and
relegated to tai chi classes forever.


The Milkman

Andre, where abouts in Brazil are you staying?

Dutch Law,

I´m in Brasilia.

"How did you do against the Judoka, did you find your training here in the U.S. allowed you to adapt to that particular club's training methods? "

They would have thrown me on my head if we started on the feet. Their judo, especially the head instructors, was really good. At least to me. According to people I talked to around here, the head instructor is well known in Brazil for his accomplishments in judo competition in Brazil.

We were just training so I dont really want to get into how it went on the ground, but I was definitely at my best there and they were at their best on the feet IMO.

I've got a guy training with us now who has been doing Judo for 14 years. Has been Finnish champion a couple of times and his throws etc are outstanding. For that fact alone I've started getting privates with him.

He has incredible base on the ground as well, so that makes things challenging and I'm learning alot from that.


Agreed. A good understanding of Judo can be invaluable
to jujitsu.

One of the guys at the gym is a judo blackbelt but he
wears a white belt. We were sparring & his ground is average but I decided what the hell & I stood up. Man
I must have blinked & I was in the air! What made it worse was that when I was in the air I let out a loud
list of obscenities..which caused everyone to turn and
laugh at me.

The feeling of being in the air & not being able to do
anything about it but crash land was awesome. I think the fact that he pulled it off in sparring impressed me the most.

Im a believer!

Yes the judo vs Bjj thing is certainly getting really old - close minded fools are cutting themselves off.

I have just started to incorporate a judo class once a week to compliment my bjj - with an ex olympian. we have a Bjj black belt(my bjj coach), browns plus purple and a blue training once a week

ttt for the reunification of two fine arts!

Judo and jiu-jitsu are definately better off together than apart.

I don't know very much about Judo. I was wondering what are the strengths and weaknesses of judo's ground game vs bjj's? Is that too much of a loaded question? It's my understanding that you can only go to the ground for a very short amount of time in a judo match. I wonder how that effects how they work on the ground.

Good stuff!

"MurdchIRL, in judo, groundwork is faster paced with not a lot of finesse.... If you can't choke or armbar in 10-30 secs, you're standing up..."

Not to mention the pinning/hold-down rule. In Judo a typical Mount, Side Sitout, Side Control, North South hold all score points, which can lead to a technical win prior to expiry of time e.g., a decent throw then landing in Side Sitout can win a match in less than 25 seconds, without any attempt at submission.

Basically if you're being controlled during Judo groundwork, your opponent is able to win (within 25 seconds max) without further effort. Control, without hunting for subs, is a big part of the judo game.

Andre, I train in bjj (purple) and Judo (brown belt) and it has done wonders for my bjj (and my bjj has done wonders for my judo).

One thing I don't understand is why some of the BJJ guys who do judo struggle with mma takedowns yet Karo has made his throws a legit threat and a great expression of judo in bjj.

thanks for the info guys. i knew that a fight could be finished with a perfect throw but i didnt know it could be decided by ground control.

Judo and BJJ are the same art with a different set of rules.  Make Judo competition rules the same as BJJ and watch how fast it becomes the same.  Same goes for BJJ.

I would say I was very impressed with Paulo Filhos takedowns against Ninja. He should be a judo bb too.