Training in N.J.?

I will be working in the Sussex County area which includes Newton, Andover, and Springdale to name a few. I have only been able to find scools that are atleast 1 1/2 to 2 hrs. east of there and I was hoping to find something a little closer. I have already checked 'Find a school' on this site and didn't have any luck. Does anybody know of anything in that area?

If you want to take the drive down to Florham Park, NJ you are more than welcome to come and roll anytime your schedule permits. I think I would be under an hour from the Newton area.

Check out my website for more info

-Jeff Miller

Planet Jiu-Jitsu

You're pretty much up there in the woods.

Wrestling plus in Pompton Lakes is about 45 minute away. The school I train at is in Madison - South Mountain MA.

Check the site for directions

Thanks guys. I am looking at a map now and it looks like both you guys are less than an hour away from Andover, which is where I will be. When I get back to town (I live in Mass.) I will look you up for more specific directions.

Jeff - do you train mma or just Jiu Jitsu?

celtic - do you have any contact info for the school?

We train in both MMA and BJJ

One of our fighters is the current Super-Heavyweight Reality Fighting Champ

2 more of our guys will be fighting early next year

Be sure to visit my website, it will give you a better understanding of my programs


Check the site . Everything is right there.

wild celtic

do u train with a guy named Vic? short..stocky..strong..i think he was a brown belt in judo

ring any bells?



We only do No-Gi BJJ and MMA if that gives you a better idea of the kind of training at my place. Many top Wrestlers work out there as well.

Open Mat sessions on Sunday from 11-2 for just $10

Cya on the mat.


is wrestling plus just highschool wrestling?i just checkedout the site is it only weds they do submission or has that been updated?

ttt for Planet Jiu Jitsu. Great place to train if its close enough. Just watch out for the two giants with the shaved heads.



Hope the knee is almost healed up.

Rich A. is fighting on the next Mass Destruction card. Will you be making the trip up?

Hope Glen will get in the ring again sometime next year.

Come in and play with the animals anytime you get the chance.

Watch out for the "little" guy with the "razor" head too. He'll tap you quicker than you can say "now where the hell did he go" :-)


My Dr. said he will clear me to train BJJ when I see him 1/25.

He said I can begin boxing and light kickboxing now if i feel comfortable, which I do. If your KB classes work with my schedule next semester than i'll be in twice a week. I want to start training next week. Getting anxious.

Is Rich definately on the card? Who is the opponent? If I can get a carpool together i'm there, 4 hrs. is a rough drive!

I've been really busy with final exams but we're done now so I promose to stop in next week and check out the KB class, maybe to train maybe just to check it out, depending on the weather. (rain crushes my knee!)




Happy New Year's!!

I am adding an MMA Sparring class. It will be directly after the kickboxing class on Mondays...the website will be updated by the weekend.

Monday night will be as follows...

Kickboxing from 6:00-7:30

MMA Sparring from 7:30-8:30

Rich A. will be facing John Clarke in the next Mass Destruction..should be a great debut match for him.

1/25 is only a few short weeks away, hope to cya back on the mat again soon.

Happy New Year to you too Jeff!

I may just stop in for the MMA sparring, sounds like that would be cool to check out especially with your group of guys.

I'll definately be checking out the new website also.

And you will DEFINATELY see me back on the mat soon. Healed up, healthy and ready to go.

The MMA sparring sessions will be a great addition to the schedule.

Very happy to hear you are ready to start up again.

Let me know if you want to make the trip up to see Rich in Feb.