Training w/broken arm?

Hey all. Just broke my arm today, sadly. Anyways, I dont want to let myself get out of shape. Obviously Im limited in my lifts I can do, but what do you advise me to do for my cardio? Anyone have experience with this?


Just work on your other arm ask much as you can. Maybe buy a gripper or something kinda fun to play with. Try some bodyweight squats and lunges. Mostly just trying to keep your mind busy is the hardest part. When I broke my arm I wasnt even allowed to pick up a pen for 4 months. But now years later im as strong as I ever was. Best thing that ever happened to be honestly. This is also a good excuse to buy some tapes and spend time breaking down footage.

lol @ "years later" I'm kinda hoping that I wont really lose much strength off this. I'm hoping for equal time to get back to 100% as length of time Im in the cast. Legs I can maintain pretty easily, substiting leg presses for squats, but thats ok. Chest will lose some, and obviouly my arm, but I'm really not hoping for years.... :P

Work your other arm, do one hand deads (suitcase-style) some of the strength will carry over to the injured arm through neurological processes. Also you should be able to ride an excersise-bike. Good luck

sorry bro I wasnt sure if you were getting hardware and screws like I got. I also broke mine again which is the reason it took almost 2 years. If you already knew so much why did you ask? Not sure lol comment was needed.

I think it was more of a groan, imagining losing so much progress. As opposed to lol'ing at you.

It's most cardio that I'm hoping for thoughts on. How easily can I run with, and how long should I wait to begin? I was kinda thinking of using the stair mill too. Bike is a good idea tho, dont know why that didnt occur to me lol.

And I find out a week tuesday if I need surgery. The bones have been set properly, nd if they stay I'm fine. If they slip, Ill be getting pins :P ChemicalSage is correct. No offence intended at all man. I've been just getting over a knee issue and was nearly back at training, then read that :P Ugh