Training with Rani Yahra...

Great experience, hopefully this week I will check out Andy Wang's
training with my friend Mike. Also check out my Marcelo Garcia private
lesson pictorial later this week.

Check out the write up here...

I love your site

I'm normally nota very profane person, but that god damned website was fucking bad-assed yo!

Damn, great writing!

Nice blog!

Awesome, thanks!


I always look forward to your blogs, and wondered why you haven't posted in a while, glad your still at it!

I sort of envy you, young, plenty of time to train and LOT'S of great places to train, and also meeting and making lots of new aquaintences would be a great thing also.

To bad you can't video the training, sometimes i have truoble seeing what you are explaining.

Keep blogging Kevin. We live vicariously through you.

Rani is the man - good kid, totally humble and has some of the best skills of any guys I have ever rolled with.

Rani choked Leo Veira with RNC to win his division @ ADCC!

Huge win!

Where does rani train? Does he have his own school?

He trains with Team Quest in Temecula with Henderson and also teaches at OC BJJ.

He trains with Henderson? That would explain how he was able to easily take down Leo in his match at ADCC. The inside trip he hit was sweet!

Nice Blog! TTT Placed it on my blogroll.

He teaches No-Gi and MMA at The school also has a bunch of other high caliber instructors and is a CSW affiliate under Erik Paulson.

Tell me more about Rani, if possible. Does he train purely without the gi, or does he teach and practice gi as well?

TTT for any more info guys!

I train privates with him in both no Gi and Gi. But all the classes he teaches at OCJJ are no gi.

I used to drive up to LA for years to train and no one has helped my game more then Rani has in just 3 months of training with him.

I'm not one of his students but I'm pretty close with him (wife and his GF are close friends). We hang out and train together occasionally. I've trained with him both gi and no gi. He prefers no-gi at this stage.

He's really focusing on his MMA career but still puts ALOT of time into his students and I feel he's an incredible instructor.

He gets some bad press sometimes because of his competitiveness but seriously he one of the coolest and most humble guys I have met in my 8+yrs in the sport.

Also for his size, his pressure is INSANE - always looking for the choke and finish. After training with him, I try to emulate his style.

I'm stoked for his recent win at ADCC.

One of the best grappling matches I have ever seen was Rani vs Sokouju at Team Quest. All I have to say is WOW.

Rani vs Judo Terry Sokouju?

WOW - huge size difference and both guys are super agressive in their game.

That would have been sweet to watch.