Trivia time (pic)

Ministry of Truth FTW!

It was Spencer Fisher.

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Haven’t done one of these yet.

Who is this youngster?



Nice job it`s Tank Abbott.


One more pic for tonight & that’s it.I`m going NorCal this time.

Who is this?

Sandman James Irvin

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Yes it was James Irvin.

He and Doug Marshall went through incredible weight loss in their careers that totally changed their looks.They both fought each other at heavyweight & then both dropped and fought at 185.

Yeah that one weigh in pic where he looks like a skeleton is one of the worst

Yeah he made # 3 as the worst weight cut in UFC history.


What weight is that at?

185 against Sakara.

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Doug Marshall



Yes Sir.

I was at that UFC, and after this KO (over Terry Martin), James Irvin walked past me. I said, jokingly, “did you kill that guy?” and he said, without any hint of humour, “maybe.” It was chilling.

You should have seen his opponent in the WEC when he fought for the heavyweight strap.He was this Iranian dude that came in twirling & doing this ballet shit.I think that the WEC set him up to win that title.The twirling Iranian was a no hope,and didn’t deserve to be in there.

Edited to say that Mike Kyle was supposed to fight but dropped out.

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This UFC veteran claims to of only had two training camps in a 20 year career of fighting.

Who was it?

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Damn… good one.

20 years limits it down to a few.

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i m thinkin a guy like krazyhorse