Trivia time (pic)

Name two fighters who, in their first MMA fights, faced men who represented the Hawaiian art of bone breaking. Also, for bonus points, name the fighter they both lost to.

I can get half of it.Tank Abbott vs John Matua.

that is one third. There is still the other fighter who fought a Lua fighter (this was not in UFC) and the fighter both he and Abbott lost to.

I`ll have to cheat and use the internet.

Mike Bontonio lost to Bart Vale in WCC was it? That weird 8 man tournament with a grapplers and strikers division.

This is correct. So who did both Tank Abbott and Bart Vale lose to?

Dammit.I had that WCC event on VHS and don`t even remember Mike Botonio.

I had to cheat to see who Tank & Bart lost to.

Real quick…what fighter was stabbed during his fight and a riot happened?

Renzo Gracie vs. Eugenio Tadeu

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Thats who we are looking for and it happened at Pentagon Combat.


Speaking of riot…what other event did a riot take place during a fight?

Hint) In California.

That biker riot. I don’t remember the details, just the thread here about it.

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Dude was in the mongoloids or something iirc.

Was that the Ultimate Athlete show? The biker dude was losing the fight and his “brothers” started the riot or some shit.

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Mongoloids, LOL! You better watch out though, 81 bikers are watching this thread.

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Hmmm good point. I know better than that. I meant the mongols.

Once again you are correct.It was the Ultimate Athlete,but biker Rick Slaton of the Mongols hit his opponent with a groin shot and a fan through a beer and then all hell broke loose.

*Forum members Hong Kong Phooey & MMAHAWK were there ringside right next to it.

What two fighters had an agreement to not pull hair?

Mezger & Fairn at UFC 4, Jim Brown called em pretty boys lol

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Correct , it was wild UA - John Pack