Trivia time (pic)

Yeah that`s Vitor “Shaolin” Ribeiro who had a tremendous career going and then lost a few and then disappeared.

Popular name but honestly cant remember much about his career.

The Crippler AKA The Cat Smasher didn`t referee last night HKP.

I Know. Ex Fighter who reffed.

Another fighter that turned into a ref is Mason White.He has reffed the UFC but mostly the IFC.


A real easy one to keep the thread alive until I can think of more.

What fighter said “don`t fear me,fear the consequences”?

Paul buentello

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You got it! It was Paul.

Poor guy!

Which ex UFC champion has a win via headbutt back in pride?

*It wasn’t given via headbutt but butt butt but it was.

I`m thinking it was against Tra Telligman?

The way you worded it might be Rampage against Arona (slam)

Wand ?

Earlier I asked a question about a fight in a elevator,so I`ll ask this question about a different fight in an elevator.

What UFC fighter got his ass kicked in an elevator by two UFC fighters?

Pat smith

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For some reason Tank Abbott has denied any involvement,but an eye witness has said that Tank punched him in back of the head and knocked Pat out.His buddy Paul Herrera is the other guy that was beating him up.Pat was saved by Maurice Smith & Big John McCarthy.

didnt pat die in prison?

Well he died from cancer at 55 so I don`t think he was in prison.