TUF 3: Episode 5...

 The Ultimate Fighter, Episode 5: "Daggers under the skin"
May 5, 2006
Sean McClure

This week opened with the usual recap. Directly after, Ortiz confesses that he thinks Ken is broken and that his confidence in his team is gone. Shamrock tells his team that they have to wake up and take things more seriously.

Team Dagger is still in effect from last week and Kendall and Solomon plot and plan their world domination again. Kendall agrees to help facilitate Rory vs. Solomon by convincing Rory to take the fight with the other half of team dagger.


WOOO go Rory. Glad he won. Hutch was starting to become endearing, however.

Shamrock should have been working his guys hard for their cardio. In this situation, cardio would be the most they can improve on and at the same time, not work them to get injured. Their skill wont be much better than when they came in but the cardio can either be maintained or improve on. I think the whole Shamrock team is feeling the effect of lack of cardio training.

Thank god Solomon is gone, I dont know if I could stand him much longer, just runs his yap. hope to not see him in the UFC. Good Job Rory!

rory rocks! it's nice to see solomon get his ass kicked!

I don't think Ken can be blamed for someone not having the cardio to last beyond one round. They've only been there for a few weeks, right?


It doesnt make any sense to me that people think Ken should be pounding them for their cardio. I assure you that Rory's superior conditioning had more to do with his previous training then his work with tito. You cannot develop fight ready cardio in only a few weeks, it simply isnt possible.


glad rory won...

WTF part of that kick actually made contact? The knee? I couldn't see it well enough but it looked less like a blow than like he corraled him with the inside of the thigh.....

From: Rightious K

All i can think about in that GIF is "STOP(hit)BEWILDERING(hit) MY(hit) PEOPLE!!!!"


Hands down, the funniest post in the history of the internet.

Hell yeah~

I knew Rory would win.. the only time I had any doubt, was when theyu showed the bit about Tito questioning Rory's mental toughness or whatever.

Was glad to see it!

LOL! me and my girl were high fiving each other seeing that goof get ko'd.

Ed Herman is gonna dominate, from what I've seen of the competition.

NOt sure if the kick knocked him down or dragged him down. It may have been the first shot on the gtround that dazed the guy who got KTFO'd.


I hated them both but in the end I was happier to see the end of team D A G G E R !

Gotta give it to anyone that actually gets in there and fights, but when you talk too much trash and disrespect other fighters you're just looking for trouble.

Hopefully Solomon will learn from all of this and be little more humble in the future.

Ha Ha Ha seeing Solomon being ko'd was great.

I liked when he woke up after the ko. That was awesome. I wish it would have went like this Solomon "What happened?" Ken "You got KTFO fool!!"

TTT for the demise of Team Dagger.

No Bandanna is safe!!