TUF 30 cast… Featuring Kamaru Usman’s brother and TUF 2 alumni who hasn’t fought since 2009?

No knock on him, because Rob MacDonald is a hell of a guy, but if this cast is accurate, this is crazy to see him on the cast.


Ok ?. .


Just found it interesting. Of all the heavyweights in MMA that are out there, he’s one of the ones they gave the nod to for the show.

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I agree. That is interesting. There’s probably quite a few guys that would be a better choice to fill his spot.

UFC continuing to water down there product. That is as bad as last years tuf.


The ole Canuck is coming back for more? Very random indeed man.

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Bartling is the best of the cast potentially and has a pretty high ceiling. Likely the favorite on the men’s side with his wrestling pedigree. Heiderman, Paugua and Sipe are intriguing prospects. Cole is a character for sure. Perez has some major knockout power.

Am I blind? I don’t see a Rob MacDonald on this list…

Edit: Oh nvm, Bobby Maximus


I don’t see Rob McDonald on the list.

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43 years old LOL

Probably because they want it to be a showcase, likely for Nyle Bartling. If he runs through TUF and gets a decent highlight reel out of it, he’s more marketable in the UFC.

I would have kept the other two undefeated guys off and thrown in a couple more cans in their place. Put them on the Contender Series instead. Undefeated American heavyweight prospects don’t grow on trees, no need to ruin two to build one.

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Bobby Maximus is Rob MacDonald

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Can completely understand wanting to use TUF to market Bartling, but there’s gotta be some other heavyweights out there besides a guy who was the first heavyweight eliminated from TUF 2, who last fought in the UFC on the Chuck Liddell- Babalu card (UFC 62) event.

It’s strange for sure. From searching, he seems to have made a name for himself in the Health & Fitness world so maybe they think he’ll bring a bit of buzz to the show.

Well shit, this take didn’t age well. Then again, I didn’t expect two of the better HW prospects of the season to be paired off in episode one.

For as much as they’re featuring him, wouldn’t surprise me if he wins a fight on the show. Would be a hell of a Cinderella story.

Also, by the looks of the preview, the Mitchell Sipe- Mohammed Usman rivalry is going to be a big factor in this season.

Wouldn’t even surprise me if he won the whole thing seeing as Mohammed Usman was apparently the #1 pick and considered the best by the coaches. Usman has fought on TV and shown not to be very good.

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Ugh just let it die. TUF should be about developing new young talent, the average age of the cast appears to be above 30. This is more like one last hurrah before retiring.

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I would be surprised if a single one of the heavyweights ever win 3 fights in the UFC. I only say 3 because it’s likely they’ll be facing each other in the first couple.

It’s almost like they went out of their way to come up with the worst cast possible. I know it’s heavyweights and it’s a weak division but if that’s the best crop of prospects out there then they should just abolish the division.


Big bro usman is huge