TUF 7 coaches please Zuffa

Dan Henderson



Frank Shamrock

Hi you must be new. My name is Bloodwork

Quite the opposite my friend quite the opposite.

Well I'm new... who are those guys? I think I've seen the second guy in a few commercials or movies but I'm not sure...

thanks in advance for the info.

Johnny Ringo you would be correct in that assumption the man in question is the greatest middleweight fighter in the world Frank Shamrock he is also a movie and tv star having appeared with Chuck Norris among others.

The first one is a middleweight fighter named Dan Henderson he is missing his front teeth and lost to Frank Shamrock a few years back due to a crippling ankle lock for which he screamed in pain at.

Oh he recently beat some Wanderlei guy for a now defunct belt or something.

I think I have a better chance of being a TUF coach than Frank Shamrock being one.

Lol. Well if he can bring Tito and BJ Penn back its not impossible


Fathead D please do not be upset because Frank beat Hendo in the first round...really quickly with what can only be described as the perfect ankle lock. Frank still loves you

lmao at screamed in pain.

It was a warcry!

The second guy looks crazy and I wouldn't trust him.

LOL@this notion. Frank's bigger than ths sport - just ask him.

lmfao at frank being the greatest middleweight in the world what a fkn joke.

lmfao at frank not being the greatest middleweight in the world what a fkn joke.

Who TTTed this old thread?!?

An example of how great Frank is at coaching.

Frank would fire his team into a frenzy not seen since the days of the Spartans.



That actually would be pretty cool. I know Frank talks alot of shit but he was top of the heap at one time.