Turkish Get Ups

Looking for ideas on volume and frequency for this exercise. Is one every 30 secs for 5 mins each arm a good start or do I tie it down to sets and reps like any workout. Thanks

I break it down like this: x number of reps just raising my shoulder blade of the floor, x number of reps just to my elbow, x number of reps to my palm, x number of reps to my knees, x number of reps to a full standing position.

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That would actually get me to buy a Budweiser for the first time in, ever. Wouldn't drink it, but I'd buy it.

Is there anything more cringe worthy or fagotty than a beer snob? At least most wine enthusiasts know deep down they are pussies.

Not liking a garbage beer makes you a beer snob?

Budweiser is an to good lager. I think your issue is, you don't like lager. 


Garbage lagers - Carling, Fosters are far, far worse

as you mentioned HR monitor - I think that was you who mentioned some not-so-expensive HR monitors a while ago.

I even started a thread (no response yet), asking about it.

>>Heart Rate Monitor, older thread-can't search 4 it<<

Can you tell me whats HR monitor you use / recommend?

Many thanks, D

Cheers, Ill give that a go, have a garmin 110 that I use for running and circuit stuff.

3 Sets, 5 reps PER SIDE should get the juices flowing.

i can do 2 reps with 32kilos on each arm (not at the same time), working on doing 10 reps for each arm.

Thanks Irish Dave , much appreciated.

I do as many as I can in a 5min window Phone Post

Till you puke, then switch sides and repeat Phone Post