Types of GI's and which to buy?

are you planning on doing any judo as well Joseph?


It's time that I invest in a GI for myself, but which one?

I've worn several, including thin and thick cotton, and one nearly as stiff as a board.

I've worn pants that have been just below my knee to just above my ankle.

I've worn tops with and without lips. I've even worn a top that was similar to a good absorbant cotton robe.

Although similar, they were all different. Each seemed to offer advantages to me.


I just received Padilla & Sons Newest Kimonos... WOW! I have Blue and White. The quality and cut is better. Who in there rightful mind would pay double for a gi of the same or of lesser quality?




A Gi???????? Joseph, are you serious? A Gi???? :) LOL!!!Actually, I am just teasing you ;) Although, I don't train in one now and haven't for a while- I have owned: CHEAP Gi's :(, a pretty good Tiger Claw Judo Gi, a Krugan, and a HOWARD COMBAT KIMONO. I LOVED the HCK!!! It is VERY tight and the collar is stiff, a GREAT advantage. I liked the LOOK of the Krugan better, but as you know -it's not about looks. Do me a favor though-when you come out here to train...LEAVE THE GI AT HOME ;) LOL j/k!!!Take care :)

im getting a mizuno ichiban gi. i don't know how it is yet though. might have to return it if the sleeves are too big

I have an Atama single that I really like. It's light and comfortable, with a nice collar and fit. Tough, too.

padilla & sons

I have a blue HCK double weave. That thing is the shit. It was a little stiff at the begining, it stood up on it's own. But after a washing it's great.



Joe-Get a Machado or Atama-Sav

the BEST gi that you can get right now is the atama GOLDEN WEAVE at www.atama-kimonos.com

machado golden weave are great too but hard to get

make sure its a GOLDEN WEAVE.

all the other gis people mentioned...

HCK, if you like training in cardboard. SOOO OVER-RATED and overpriced. dont be another sucker

mizuno ichiban, if u like spending over $200 on a super wide sleeved, hard to train in JUDO gi.

dont know about the padila and sons

golden weave IS the "gold standard"
golden weave IS:
very strong
very light
VERY comfortable
and THE standard for the MUNDIAL under the CONFEDERATION OF JIU-JITSU in BRAZIL

dont let HOWARD LIU tell u different

I have an Atama blue double weave. it's the best gi ive ever had on but it is a bit hot for summer training but you can't go wrong with anything made by Atama..


ATAMA!! Great gi's, great selection, www.atamakimonos.com

Thx for the info folks. I'll take it all in and have a better reply later this morning.

i got an hck hotweather. it's the shit.


I can give you my opinion...I have the double weave hck and the new single weave hck...i love both...the single is great for summer weather...and the collar is quite nice...the double is a much stiffer gi especially the collar...but great for a good training...i also have a bad boy gi (it is actually a machado gold weave...they use them as the manufacturer of their gi's) and I can't tell you how much i love that one...and i have a koral double weave...and it is nice to...so in the end...i love all of them...but for you...i would say go with the hck single weave..it will make your summer a nice one...email me if you want to talk more in detail about gi's i love talking gear


i have several name brand gi's. the best on the market at this time is the padilla&sons gi's. i have both single and double weave. they are cut closer than a judo gi but not as TIGHT as a brazillian style gi. i am built big so the brazillian gi's are TOO TIGHT and when i work up a sweat i can barely move in them. the padilla gi's are perfect fitting, not too loose, not too tight. and best of all is the customer service. before, during and even AFTER the sale. you can even custom order them sized to fit you for a very small charge. if you want a WORLD CLASS gi/kimono for half of what other company's are charging and getting the same or better quality gi that will last many years, i suggest at least giving this gi a try. if you don't like it, he will even let you send it back. the web site is www.aavion.com

Right now Atama has a golden weave mario
sperry edition on sale for 79$. It has a
lot of pathces that you may like or dislike
however it is a golden weave for 50$ off the
regular price.

have you seen the limited editin competition gi on blue from badboybrazil.com? that is an awsome gi, too bad we cant buy it no more.