Typical Pride pay scale

Anyone know what the Pride fighters make/have made in recent events? Just wondering how much more it is then other promotions

Around 10k, +200% for losing when Pride wants you to.

Everyone in Pride makes six figures

opens can of Skoal, puts pinch in

JohnK: If I had a nickle for everytime I've argued with trolls like you.

Watch Kimo X Minowa and try to tell me that's not a complete work. I'm a huge Minowa fan and even I know that fight is bullshit.

Does anyone know where to find the actual payscale figures??

Bryan: Your source?

JohnKerry: Kimo is a BJJ blackbelt got mount, didn't throw a single punch from top position, or standing (the same person who put Sapp on queer street) and lost the match by a really crappy leglock... Even better, he went belly down against the leglock, something only a beginner does in defense.

And the final kicker, any pro-wrestling fan will tell you, going belly down and reaching out to defend a submission smacks of one thing: Rope Escapes in Pro-Wrestling.

Now, this is tons different than Spratt, who isn't known for his TD defense at all, and gets taken down by everyone he fights.

As far as Ken Shamrock, he hasn't looked good in a fight since 2000, Five Years Ago!.

So, in conclusion: Come back when you have a fucking point.

I have one conclusion about the Shamrock/Franklin fight that there wasn't enough time in the show for them even to show the entire fight if they wanted. Fight was a work and most the casual fans I talked to that watched the fight thought it was "fishy".

John Kerry: I thought so.

You lose again.

Kai Tremeche just think about what I posted. If that fight was to go to a decision there wouldn't be enough time in the show to show it. It would have been a UFC33 all over again. Don't you find that weird? If memory serves me correct some of the other fights weren't live but edited. So how did they manage that? Ken Shamrock has more pro-wrestling experience then Kimo does.

In all honesty we'd be kidding ourselves if we didn't think there were "works" in any fighting organization. Money talks and bullshit walks.

Kai would get nominated at the player-haters ball. Quit drinking haterade man.

I laugh at the people who try to justify this fight being a work by saying that there was not enough time left to show the whole fight even if they wanted to.

Do you not think that Spike might have the authority to let this ground-breaking program run over a bit? That they are so afraid of cutting into that night's episode of "Wildest Police Chases" that they would not let their history-making broadcast cut into their normal sub-1.0 Nielsen programming for a few minutes?

CBS routinely lets football games cut into 60 Minutes, one of their highest rated programs. ABC routinely let MNF cut into the critically acclaimed Nightline with Ted Koppel. But, Spike, which barely registers a blip with "When Animals Attack" would not even consider running past the published airtime.


Kimo/Minowa looked totally fishy to me too for the reasons Kai listed.

Gman is correct. Read what he wrote, Nathan.

I read what he wrote and I think it is BS. This isn't football. He is implying lots in the little paragraph and speaking for cable TV network. If SpkieTV wanted the show to be longer why wouldn't they program the show longer instead of showing edited fights and leaving so little time left? Doesn't make sense to me. I've never seen Ken go for high kick ever and this is how he is going to catch Rich...LOL. Any ways I find the whole situation and fight a little "fishy".

LOL at the person crying work criticizing me for speculating. Why would they script a work to include maneuvers that are completely uncharacteristic for the fighters? Why would a sport/organization that is begging for legitimacy risk a work at precisely the time when they are most likely to have extra scrutiny?

It doesn't make sense.

PS. How many high kicks had you seen Tim Sylvia try?

i don't think frankiln or shammrock was a work...franklin was wearing an air cast for awhile...and look how bad he punches shammrock at the very end of the fight...those punches had bad intentions...

" Vanderlei makes twice what Chack and Randy make, and probably 3 times Vitor and Taco."

That's made up, he has no idea what the payscale is.

I know 600 000 is a big figure cos a fighter that I know told me it was the biggest figure that pride have paid a fighter thus far.

A reliable MMA journalist told me that Wand makes a million a year no matter how many times in the year he fights.So he could fight four times a year and make $250,000 each fight or fight one time a year and get $1,000,000 but Pride would never let that happen and neither would Wand.