UFC 13 - 38 DVDS ( Dark Ages ) Need a set ?


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He still doing this?

Dude if you do that’d be great. Please let me know. I’d owe you a huge debt of gratitude


I feel this is the year Dana is gonna come through!


hahahahahahahahahhahhaahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaa EPIC

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i have some of them on vhs. but i’m missing a few of the hard to find ones.

I have the Lidell vs Hernandez fight somewhere…yes…I do…bwahahahaha

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I gotz em all

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In 2012 I mailed Dana a self addressed stamped envelope requesting a copy of these fights to complete my collection. I know he’s a busy guy and burning disks do get time consuming.

My kids who were just born in 2012 are now old enough ask me about the strange unused contraption We keep in our spare room. I explained to them the magical era of mma and the mythical fights that took place which very few have seen since they happened live. I told them how their Uncle Dana has promised to deliver a copy of these rare mythical fights. Consequently, I explain to them that the strange contraption is called a DVD player and it’s the only machine able to broadcast these fights when those disks arrive.

Everyday when they hear the noisy unmistakable sound of the mailman’s truck in front of our house, they run to our mailbox hoping to find the package they have heard so much about. Everyday it breaks my heart to see their sad faces return only to explain the mailbox was empty of the anticipated package.

On this 10 year anniversary of Dana’s promise I just know he is going to come through!


Good stuff lol.

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where do you live , no homo

No homo? Forget it then. Lol. I live about 15 mins outside of Chicago

OK Homo , Was going to see how i can get a copy of the whole set to you. I will for the kids. We can find a place close to me to dupe them and we can arrange to have them shipped to you ? Holla

wait, this isn’t Dana’s secret account is it?

That’s extremely generous of you but I can’t have you do that. I appreciate it though.

i am blaf , and youre missing out on some killa hours in the windy

I’ll get there someday. I have faith in Uncle Dana. I mean, when has he ever lied to the fans?! Thanks again, brotha

Lol. Yes you did send me one before. I just need 15-38. Thanks, man. You rock.

just cover the copy charge and shipping and it will get there