UFC 49=best UFC card ever?

Average card. Looking foward to some of the fights.

this is a great card for the ufc

just decent but i will buy

Ill order any UFC

Daren - I respect your opinion, but what is with the dead end criticism???

Can anyone tell me a 5 card line-up that is WAY better than this one??? (one that is realistic based on the UFC's current ability to pull people in - no Vanderlai for example).

sure heres my card ..Murray-Riggs or Murray-Tito,being how Mirs fight was so quick Mir-Arlowski or Mir-Freeman,Jermey Horn against someone.get some new blood in there like Pele or someone from Chute Boxe.HOw about trying to get Sudo back ?what happened to Van Arsdale coming back ? Id like to se Kid Yamamoto at 155 against someone.Mix it up with a Ultimate Ultimate once a year Change the format once in a while.Have a tourney with winners advancing for next show.

Im not sure about the best but certainly a very good card. There was a talk of Tito vs Eastman. Whatever happen to that?

OK... now that I see the card you propsed, we are looking for different things I guess.

--- "Murray-Riggs or Murray-Tito"

Just mentioning Riggs as much as you have tells me something.

Murray/Tito has soap opera drama for hype, but it has no sportive value. Is that what you want???

--- "Being how Mirs fight was so quick Mir-Arlowski or Mir-Freeman"

Mir/Freeman - drama fight again

Mir/Arlovski - does have real value

--- "Jermey Horn against someone"

I would like to see Horn also... but Horn against 'someone' is hardly superior to some of the fights that you have jeered

--- "get some new blood in there like Pele or someone from Chute Boxe"

What are you talking about??? Terrel is new blood... Who from Chute Boxe would you reccomend??? Pele has lost his last 4... Just 'someone' form a team is rather aimless

--- "HOw about trying to get Sudo back ?what happened to Van Arsdale coming back ?"

Van Ardale!?!?!? WTF!?!?!

--- "Id like to se Kid Yamamoto at 155 against someone"

Against 'someone'... that is a classic match-up that really means something.

It apears that you are looking for personal favorites and don't care for the bigger picture of the sport... but then again, niether does the UFC so I guess you requests have merit...

I don't see any fights with substance that you have reccomended... but that is just my opinion. We are on a different page my friend...

ya i wanna see a lil drama and creative match making .I said I liked the Terrel fight.The guys I mentioned Yamamato,Sudo,Pele are balls to the wall fighters.Horn I just figured was deserving of a shot Honestly I dont care to see him much but his wins merit a UFC fight.I like a grudge match and Lee Murray-Tito has great story behind it .having Mir fight Freeman gives him a chance to redeem his only loss.The fights UFC have no story and to me are decent nothing out of the ordinary for UFC .Honestly my opinion is its below par .Rich just for u Ill make exact matchups Id prefer and leave some they have.155 Kid Yamamoto-Jens Pulver or Pulver-Sudo mor even Sudo-Kid any combo of the 3 but Jens-Kid is my choice,Keep the Edwards fight,scatch Lawler fight,keep Diaz fight,scratch Lidell-White and replace White with Franklin,keep the Belfort-Coutore,put Riggs in against Murray or Tito-Murray,Riggs-Doerkson is so so IMO nothing Im too excited about though ,keep Lindland-Terrel and one more fight ahh how about St Pierre-Trigg.I dont see how the UFC card proposed sees the big picture and mine doesnt.I do wanna add spice to a card The sport is rinkydink and needs any hype it can get dont kid urself.Rich go to a sports bar ur local one and ask who Matt Hughes ir or BJ Penn or Belfort Ask a sports fan to name 5 fighters They will name Tito,Shamrock,Royce,Tank and after that there will be a long pause

Kid-Jens,Edwards-Thompson,Diaz-Karo,St Piere-Trigg,Riggs-Murray,Lindland-Terell,Lidell-Franklin or Murila Ninja,Pele-Tanner,Belfort-Coutore thats 9 to choose from

add 2 fights, Marvin Eastman vs Renato Sobral and Genki Sudo vs Hermes Franca and i'd be very happy.

ive been saying for a long time Im available for hire

eeh, sokay.

cant wait for this UFC..

keepup keepup unooooooooooooooooo

Vitor Belfort v. Randy Couture - this is a great fight, and this alone makes the card good

Robbie Lawler v. Ronald Jhun - this is just the UFC showing their bias. Jhun has toiled away for YEARS to make it into the UFC and they force him to fight at 185 because they want Lawler (a former 170lbs fighter) to fight someone undersized...sorry, but you can't say this is a good thing

Matt Lindland v. David Terrell - Terrell is great on the mat, but Lindland SHOULD be fighting for one of the THREE vacant titles. Not against a UFC rookie at anyrate. This is a guy (Lindland) that they should be hyping as the best in the world (regardless if he is or not, the fans don't see Henderson, etc.). Instead they put him in against a new-comer, how does that help build hype? Not a good thing.

Yves Edwards v. Josh Thompson - IF this fight is not for the title, it is not a good fight. You end up further away from a title holder. MAY be a good fight depending on the whether it is for a title.

Chuck Liddell v. Vernon White - They want to hype Chuck up, especially if Vitor wins (as Chuck beat him). They owe White a fight since he fought HW on short notice. That makes this an okay fight (as Chuck should win, and White gets his fight).

Karo Parisyan v. Nick Diaz - This is very good. It will tell us if Diaz belongs with the true elite and whether Karo has improved his game to belong their as well.

Mike Kyle v. Justin Eilers - While the HW needs more depth, they also have to re-introduce Ricco as a legit HW since he was willing to fight Mino on short notice for them. Ricco wanted Kyle to make a point (as Kyle has a win in the UFC), and if they can get Simms on the card 3 times, they can get Ricco back on it. Not a good fight (especially since adding more heavies in a prelim doesn't really help, and if this isn't a prelim that is more annoying IMO).

So not really the best UFC card ever for sure...a solid card though.

I will also order any UFC forever, but I to tell the truth am not absolutely pumped for this one. There are sveral fights there that I don't really care that much about. I think we need a semi-main event behind the obvious greatness of Couture and belfort, and Chuck fighting an outmatched Tiger White just doesn't do that much for me.

Sounds tight!

All great fights..

Vitor - Couture is as big as you can get on any card for the UFC.. its a Title fight.

Chuck - Vernon is a kick ass fight for both of them.. and for the fans.. may be fight of the night if the Lindland - Terrel fight doesnt beat this one.

hopefully we see a classic Judo - BJJ match with karo and Diaz.. I want Diaz to grapple and not box. ( makes this place crazy when one style beats the other)

those 4 fights make this a bangin card. Anything else you get is damm awsome also.