UFC 49=best UFC card ever?



Solid card, but not even remotely close to being the best ever. People always go overboard.

Not that impressed? You have Cotoure, Belfort, and Liddell on the same card and you are not impressed? Lawler/Jhun could be the fight of the night, and we FINALLY get to see David Terrell in the UFC. What isn't to be imressed about.


"What isn't to be imressed about."

Simple -- as UFC cards go, it's about average. That's not to say it's not a great card; it's more a compliment to the quality of show that UFC is.

Lawler-Jhun fight of the night ?Maybe for King Of The Cage

OK... so the suppostion of Joe-average's impression of the card is what makes it impressive or not??? Name value is all that counts???

Lots of the recent UFCs have had good cards and have ended up terribly. We'll see how this one goes. Chuck/Tiger will be interesting. There are several matches that have a lot of potential there,it could be a great show.