UFC 61 Ticket Info (Pic)

Tickets go on-sale this Sunday (5/28) at 10 am PT for UFC 61: Bitter Rivals at the Mandalay Bay on Saturday, July 8th.

Tickets available at all Ticket Master locations, ticketmaster.com, and mandalaybay.com.

Nice !!!!!

Cool poster.

Tito vs Sham is just silly though. It'll be worse than the first time for Shammy.

Very cool poster!! I'm much more excited about that card then the one tomorrow night.

lol UFC realllllly doesn't want tim to be the champ

Should be "bitter rematches"

very cool poster.

Great poster, who does the UFC posters?


nice poster

i think it should say silvia versus arlovski 3

edited for error



Tandre Tarlovski?

cool poster. i'll be there for sure!

saucy, do i get any discounts since the event will be on my bday? :)

And how much will the tickets be for this one Saucy? Are they gonna drop because of the low sales at the current ridiculous prices?

I believe the rule is you have to pay double on your birthday.

Ticket prices are $750, $500, $300, $200 and $100.

Those prices arent that bad for la are they? I know it wouldnt work in Fargo but I bet everything is higher priced in LA

"back to mandaly bay with its tale tucked."

Huh? Just because they didn't sell out the Staples on Memorial Day weekend? That makes no sense.

This poster reminds me that game on Sesame Street where your supposed to guess which one is not like the others.

lol, one of these thing is not like the other one.